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  1. Relive that wonderful moment!
  2. Absolutely SHOCKED by comments made about Kenny
  3. Nailing down some solid tactics for next season.
  4. LFC need to announce the new DOF soon
  5. People who leave the stadium early
  6. Congratulations to our neighbours
  7. We're the only English club to win any honours this year...
  8. Imagine how much worse it would have felt if the Scum had won.....
  9. Players This Summer
  10. Strikers - Let City's title be a lesson to us
  11. Separating 'Kenny the Legend' from 'Kenny the Manager'
  12. Villareal Relegated From La Liga
  13. Sky Sports 3 Real Madrid Trophy Celebration
  14. Have FSG bitten off more than they can chew?
  15. Match Of The Day
  16. Villarreal down - let's sign Rossi
  17. Fergie says Man U better than any team
  18. Where has is all gone wrong???
  19. How often . . .
  20. If anyone fancies a decent film...
  21. Will Things Be Better Next Season Or Are We Just Hoping They Are ?
  22. kompany what a player/leader
  23. Disturbing Stat
  24. Serivce for Carroll (Downing argument)
  25. If Liverpool had one last chance to score and win the title like City today...
  26. Wigan end the season with 7 wins from 9
  27. Rafas signings compared to now and our past league positions.
  28. Suarez - Halfway line goal
  29. Some fans showed their true colours this season..
  30. The Stuart Downing thread. All thoughts, opinions on Downing in here please
  31. Napoli not in Europe AT ALL next season... or are they?...
  32. astonishing 75yard goal in Japan
  33. berbatov for liverpool (hahahaha)
  34. Did Aguero get booked...
  35. Michael Thomas vs Sergio Aguero
  36. Fair Play
  37. Deflated. - Thoughts on the end of the PL season.
  38. Alan Shearers Team Of the Season!
  39. This £20 million budget on 4 upcoming talents rumour
  40. Mark Van Bommel crying as he leaves AC Milan
  41. Alex McLeish Leaves Aston Villa... Strong Rumour has it(now confirmed)
  42. Liverpool FC - player ratings for season 11-12
  43. Ruud Van Nistelrooy retires from football
  44. FSG and the Future
  45. Dalglish offers honest assessment of League campaign and responds to Martinez rumours
  46. Your favourite 3 moments this season?
  47. Martin Skrtel win LFC Player of the Season!
  48. IF Reina was to leave.
  49. VIDEO: Kenny quiz - Kuyt v Reina
  50. Roy Hodgson Appoints Gary Neville as England coach
  51. Interesting Ratings on our players
  52. Liverpool confirmed their interest in signing Guardiola in 2002
  53. Would Spurs not being in CL next season benefit us more...
  54. Fortress Anfield 12/13
  55. FFPR vs LFC
  56. New kit delivery question
  57. Rafa to Villa?
  58. Kenny Flies To Boston For FSG Talks: Tony Barrett report page 109, post 3270
  59. Who will you support in the champion league final??
  60. Separated at birth
  61. Realism is tough to accept.
  62. Big transfer window for fsg
  63. Joao Texeira - Debut Tonight?
  64. If Chelsea don't win the Champions League will it affect our transfers this summer?
  65. Trying to make sense
  66. Mayhem in Vallecas as the Yellow Submarine is sunk without trace - Sid Lowe
  67. Jay Spearing
  68. Scenario Time
  69. City parade through streets of Manchester now
  70. Gareth Barry
  71. Could our owners do City style deals?
  72. what players should be sold in the summer?
  73. Liverpool at the Crossroads
  74. Beckenbauer bemoans Bayern midfield options
  75. We Were Closer to Relegation Than We Were to 4th!
  76. Adebayor on loan?
  77. It's easy to win things and rise to the top
  78. Liking Gary Neville... blasphemy?
  79. Not so different really in their first full seasons
  80. Black players not given the chance to be involved in the england setup?
  81. Time for Europe's 2nd competition to emerge from the Shadows.
  82. Ruud van Nistelrooy (retires)
  83. Scholes to play another season for Manchester United
  84. World 11 of 2011/2012
  85. Northern Spirit
  86. Europa League 12/13
  87. Steve Kean Caught slagging off Allardyce on Hidden camera
  88. Jose Enrique Lurking
  89. RVP to hold Arsenal talks on Wednesday
  90. An example of the character of our owners
  91. What If - Simon Clancy (old article)
  92. Valero to return as we look to sign Elm and Belhanda
  93. Kuyt frustrated by Kenny: ESPN
  94. Rank your Preferred Penalty takers Next Season
  95. Owners replace ex player's stolen Championship ring
  96. Priority for next season? What should we be targeting?
  97. Spare ticket for roma game.
  98. Hyypia appointed Leverkusen manager
  99. Skrtel set for Reds talks (Sky Sports News)
  100. Scotland, Wales and Republic of Ireland interested in Euro 2020 bid
  101. 2011/12 Season in Statistics- What does it all Mean?
  102. Football singles. Did you buy any?
  103. Alex Ferguson and Ryan Giggs named Manager/Player of the Twenty Seasons
  104. Roberto Di Matteo factor
  105. Allardyce to sue Steve Kean over YouTube video slur
  106. Something to cheer everyone up
  107. EXCLUSIVE sneak preview of Steven Gerrard in sensational new Liverpool documentary
  108. What is the minimum you would consider to be a successful 2012/13 season?
  109. Aquilani Wants to stay in Milan
  110. Is it fair that a team finishing outside top 4 can qualify for CL...
  111. Milan set to sell Zlatan....
  112. 12/13 PL Tickets, the July sale..
  113. It's a sad day to be a LFC supporter (Mods don't merge this )
  114. Guess the england squad thread.
  115. Steve Clarke at the Red Sox game
  116. Our beloved Luis to give Twitter interview Wednesday 4pm
  117. Young squads is the way to go.
  118. Future LFC Manger?
  119. Yaya Toure to leave City says agent
  120. UEFA need to protect the integrity and traditions of all nations domestic set ups
  121. Drama in Düsseldorf...
  122. kenny v Rafa pros and cons
  123. Naming of England's Euro 2012 Squad
  124. 10 players linked video, surely a contradiction?
  125. What now for Rafa?
  126. Hamman - Next few weeks are make or break for Liverpool
  127. Saw this the other day about Spurs and Arsenal...
  128. Henderson..
  129. League position stepping stones to becoming League Champions
  130. Dalglish got a C+ from The Bleach Report on tactical success.
  131. Shades of grey
  132. RIP Lewis Mighty!
  133. Let's not forget which genius appointed Comolli!
  134. Man City Tunnel Cam + Extra
  135. Incompetence in football at the highest level
  136. Anyone thinking of Lavezzi for Reds...
  137. what a false dawn
  138. Glen Johnson says woodwork cost Liverpool a Champions League place
  139. Euro 2012: Hooliganism
  140. Gerrard England Captain
  141. Hodgson picks Carroll after talks with Kenny Dalglish
  142. Kenny leaves as Liverpool boss
  143. Kenny no longer LFC manager
  144. Who ever comes in next season
  145. Thank You Kenny (Tributes)
  146. What now with Suarez, according SSN he would like to play in Spain
  147. I'll Get Behind You
  148. Clarke is still Coach
  149. ''its sad to see Kenny go but could this be the right move for Liverpool's future?''
  150. Turning On The Owners Is Not The Way To Go
  151. Maybe it was right. But dare they hire Martinez !!
  152. Official Announcement on the website: 5pm
  153. The Butterfly Effect
  154. Thread Moderation is enabled
  155. The Liverpool way !!!
  156. Club Official Statement
  157. Rumour: Ian Ayre sacked?
  158. FAO Paulite
  159. FAO Paulite
  160. Any player tweets yet
  161. Who would now be an acceptable appointment?
  162. Who is Advising FSG?
  163. What was wrong with 'mutual consent'?
  164. Wigan Owner Got It Right
  165. Maybe FSG Moved With Kenny in Mind?
  166. Team scores OWN GOAL in order to win match
  167. Kenny will be torn apart by how this has ended: Alan Hansen
  168. Is the Liverpool way really dead?
  169. Ian Ayre on Kenny and the future
  170. Kenny Dalglish thanks Liverpool fans & players & urges everyone to stick by US owners:Echo
  171. Carlos Tevez refuses to apologise to Sir Alex Ferguson over RIP sign
  172. Hypocrisy of the highest order.....
  173. Dalglish Gone, What about Downing, Henderson, Carroll, Spearing and Maxi?
  174. Owen released - Would you take him back?
  175. ESPN: Dalglish attempted Carroll swap deal
  176. New breed of Liverpool fan most hysterical set of fans?
  177. Seriously what a mess! 2 weeks before the transfer window we have no
  178. Solid defence to build on
  179. John Barnes' thoughts (backs AVB)
  180. 132 - Liverpool allowed the opposition fewer shots on target against them than any team
  181. on a lighter note look at what the Glazers are doing up the road!
  182. Did the Suarez case ultimately cost Kenny his job?
  183. John Thompson live echo webchat.
  184. We have been a club with extraordinary high expectations .... Realism required?
  185. Kenny's best game in charge 2nd time around?
  186. They promised a stadium, where's our stadium?
  187. A striker, A winger, A creative midfielder and A defender
  188. Suarez first player to publically thank Kenny.
  189. The future of English football.
  190. Oscar cardozo
  191. Is Aquilani's return confirmed ?
  192. The reason we signed downing
  193. A few Interesting threads from Roys final days
  194. Massive overhaul of the squad this summer?
  195. Bring back Kenny!
  196. Alex Ferguson consoles Kenny Dalglish
  197. New football shirts for next season !
  198. How many free kicks did we score and other dead ball goals?
  199. It's All Part Of The Plan
  200. Qatar 2022 World Cup Stadiums
  201. when will the 2nd and 3rd kits will be published?
  202. Talksport 4pm ~ Has the soul been ripped out of LFC
  203. Corporate Liverpool
  204. Carra and Gerrard
  205. Rafa: What would he do?
  206. Players React to Dalglish Leaving
  207. Glen Johnson tweet about Kenny
  208. Bruising my head . . . . .
  209. Agger on Kenny
  210. Odds slashed on Solskjaer to manage Aston Villa
  211. What next for Kenny?
  212. Real Madrid finished with 100PTS!!
  213. Wigan give permission for Liverpool to speak to Martinez
  214. Wayne Rooney: I modelled my style after Jari Litmanen
  215. Liverpool Manager
  216. Support Martinez if he arrives !!
  217. Steven Gerrard: Kenny Dalglish will always be my idol
  218. Surprisingly dead on here
  219. What's the SOS Position on things?
  220. Jen Chang new director of Communications??
  221. Let's get one thing straight...
  222. Txiki Bergiristain new Director of Football ?
  223. Should he stay or should he go.
  224. Roma
  225. high profile DOF vs high profile manager?
  226. LFC Pass Of The Season
  227. Reds consider Brendan Rodgers
  228. Adam Johnson???
  229. N'Zonzi battle begins
  230. If Bayern Munich win ole Big Ears tomorrow do they get to keep it?
  231. Would Managing LFC be a step down for the likes of Pep or Mourinho?
  232. Ayre: I've spoken to top stars: A New Management Structure for the Club
  233. who are the key scouting staff for the club ?
  234. Why Cant the FA award a Champions League Spot for Winning FA Cup?
  235. Debunking the Rafa myths once and for all
  236. Xabi Tweets picture of him and stevie
  237. Grant Holt hands in transfer request
  238. Man Utd fans react to the sad news Michael Owen is leaving Old Trafford
  239. Eric Abidal retires after liver transplant - Now unretired and back in first team training
  240. Tomkins response to speculation about him and FSG.
  241. FSG To Decide The New Liverpool Manager... X-Factor or Big Brother Style?
  242. Paul Dalglish- Q & A
  243. Tactical analysis of Martinez
  244. What other LFC Forums do you read
  245. A New Name! Michael Laudrup
  246. TO MAtt and LJOC
  247. thought control thought control and all bite ye mods and your lackys in the ass in time
  248. **Saturday Football Thread - A day of finals**
  249. European Cup final: Bayern Munich v Chelski - Thoughts?
  250. would the way we are going about choosing a manager put off high profile managers?