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  1. Carra in World team All stars XI
  2. Best bit of individual skill by a Liverpool player this season?
  3. Martin Kelly
  4. The football manager merry go round
  5. David Dein DOF ?
  6. Liverpool FC keen to tie up Luis Suarez, Martin Skrtel and Daniel Agger contracts
  7. Arjen Robben is the most overrated footballer
  8. Barnes - "No big name manager will risk his reputation at liverpool"
  9. "Villas-Boas to be offered Liverpool job": Express. Could he be the right man?
  10. A mate of mine watched the CL final with...
  11. Liverpool's reputation in Europe
  12. Changes to liverpoolfc.tv (now gonna be called liverpoolfc.com!)
  13. Just a thought
  14. **Sunday Football Thread**
  15. Heaven And Earth
  16. Tony Evans - I'd rather lose... [games than exist] without culture love and history.
  17. Echo: Luis Suarez not going anywhere (quotes)
  18. Now de Boer says "NO"
  19. Create the ideal manager
  20. FSG pick your man ( manager ) and just get him
  21. Has any manager been a success the second time of being appointed?
  22. Ex-Liverpool medical chief: Carroll has turned his fitness regime around
  23. Little Red on the way!
  24. Oh Dear, Almost Worth Buying?
  25. Stevie Nicol says Moyes is the man for liverpool
  26. Deschamps expects to stay with Marseille
  27. An honest email sent to the owners!!!
  28. Let's not forget we have the basis of a very good team
  29. LFC and the Great Purge
  30. Are we still a big club??
  31. if you're feeling down about our situation......
  32. Drogba to leave Chelsea
  33. Now Didier Deschamps says no...
  34. Di Matteo
  35. Who are we in 3 words?
  36. Jolly's Premier League Rieview 2012: Player Ratings for Liverpool
  37. Things could be worse...
  38. If we had won the final in 2007?
  39. Spanish paper AS reporting LFC interest in Falcao
  40. Joe Cole wants Liverpool return - Daily Mail
  41. Quiet. And eerie.....
  42. If they offered the job to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer....
  43. Let's show our class as supporters..!!!!
  44. Capello emerging as serious contender for Liverpool
  45. Echo analysis and update- AVB and Martinez to hold talks with FSG, but options still open
  46. Kagawa won't go cheap
  47. John Barnes on LFC
  48. SOS speak out again...
  49. Could John Barnes do the job?
  50. Looks like harry in the managers frame now
  51. Mourinho signs new four year deal
  52. Sponsorship deals: An LFC versus Man Utd comparison
  53. FSG were right to sack Kenny, and SOS should really back off.
  54. Kenny's First 38 Games
  55. Socceraid 2012
  56. LFC rise to 7th in the worlds most valuable football brands
  57. Manager choice: Young and hungry or Experienced and Proven??????
  58. 19th in PL in terms of value for money on your season ticket
  59. Read my first ever book.
  60. footy season is over summer holidays season is here hopin for good news while away
  61. Rick Parry & Champs league
  62. why dont we the fans ,request john barnes to be our pr man
  63. Kelly called into england squad for EUROS
  64. Falling off the Cliff
  65. Rafa vs Fabio
  66. Liverpool's 100 most exciting games
  67. I really hope the PLAYERS deliver next year
  68. Bloomberg: Billy Hogan to be Liverpool's new Commercial Director
  69. Liverpool FC PR manager Craig Evans latest to leave club
  70. Fsg, avb, sos
  71. If it were your job to interview the candidates for new Liverpool manager...
  72. Louis van Gaal in line for a senior managerial position at Liverpool
  73. Spurs, UEFA and the 4 places only Champions League Rule
  74. What, no millions of threads on the stadium news?
  75. The goal that has impressed you most being scored against us??
  76. Why Andre Villas Boas Will Succeed at Liverpool, Whilst Failing at Chelsea
  77. Anyone collect LFC signed memorabilia?
  78. Chelsea had made £42 mil from UCL by time LFC claimed the £100,000 Carling Cup prize
  79. Access problems
  80. Barton banned 12 games, fined 75k
  81. Lfctv membership - help
  82. My Tweet To Barack Obama Going Viral! Regarding Benitez!
  83. Liverpool screwed over again in Aquilani deal
  84. Classic response from Marina Dalglish
  85. No-one has a scooby what's going on
  86. Steven Gerrard rules out retirement after Euro 2012
  87. Breakout Players for next season
  88. Kalou - 60 goals from midfield and only 26
  89. Dirk backing Van Gaal.
  90. Aurelio set to seal switch to Gremio
  91. Bosman 11
  92. Hawk-Eye to be tested in England/Belgium friendly
  93. Jen Chang and Billy Hogan Join Liverpool FC
  94. Should we sign The Balrog to be our new enforcer in midfield?
  95. Dave Whelan
  96. Who would you want from Wigan?
  97. Would this tournament be any good?
  98. Ian Holloway...
  99. It's been annoying me...
  100. "Unplayable" players. Who fits this description, past or present?
  101. Amoo joins Preston
  102. Have you seen Holland's Official Euro 2012 song? :D
  103. Happy Istanbul Day Everyone
  104. Is Clarke still here
  105. Kenny was on Soccer Aid tonight
  106. Copa Libertadores Quarterfinals tonight
  107. Guardiola - "seduce me"
  108. Classic Manager model vs DoF and Coach model
  109. Why not Carra as player manager and Van Gaal as technical Director?
  110. Luis Suarez gives 20 minute interview in Spanish - translators needed
  111. Obscure games that you have been to?
  112. Black people being advised to excercise caution if travelling to Euro 2012
  113. Bebe to Make Triumphant Return to Man U
  114. Martinez offered the job according to Whelan - Rory Smith claims no offer made
  115. BBC Sport --- According to Whelan Martinez has been made an offer
  116. Rafa for DoF?
  117. 7 Years ago today
  118. A new manager must have total control of the players who come in
  119. Internationals 25th May - 3rd June
  120. Copa Del Rey Final - Athletic Bibao v Barcelona
  121. Wigan's forum: Very interesting threads
  122. Mohammed "Moa" Abdellaoue: A gentleman does not leave a woman in distress.
  123. Director of Football (DOF) - what does it mean and how does it work...
  124. Borrusia Dortmund
  125. Booking up our ideas - Garreth Roberts
  126. DeBoer, Rijkaard, Dalglish, AVB, Guardiola, Wenger, Martinez - Whats common to them?
  127. Roberto in the transfer market and much more
  128. Plenty to be optimistic about
  129. Brazil vs Denmark
  130. Saturday Football Thread
  131. Time 4 the youth 2 step up
  132. Suso Match compilation v italy
  133. I won the LFC forum Champions league fantasy league competition
  134. Martinez's Liverpool Team
  135. Retiring football player substituted for his 5-year old son in his last game
  136. Which countries are you eligible to play for? Who would you play for?
  137. Pundit > Manager
  138. Very disappointed with the new layout
  139. Going back to the bad old days of G&H
  140. Roberto Martinez: Manager Candidate
  141. FSG`s interviewing policy
  142. James McLean
  143. If Barry's injured I hope Henderson goes to the Euro's...
  144. Soccer Aid 2012
  145. £100k a week for a new Carr?
  146. We hate the press......but swallow any old tripe as fact when it suits
  147. Brendan Rodgers - Done deal according to Swansea - from page 16
  148. The Acer Plant
  149. You got my backing fsg
  150. Swansea seal Sigurdsson deal
  151. 'Chelsea Meltdown'
  152. If Martinez get the manager's job...
  153. France v. Iceland
  154. Do we have the patience to see a legacy created or is short term success what we want?
  155. LFC back in Europe in 2012-13 season, but do we really care?
  156. Des Walker looks exactly the same!
  157. Andy Carrolls future?
  158. 10 Raffael (hertha bsc)
  159. If This man Wants to be Liverpool Manager, What are we waiting for?
  160. Italian Premier: Suspend Italian soccer
  161. Do you remember how we got Rafa?
  162. LFC Goal Celebration of the Season
  163. A positive thought for next season
  164. What Have Been The League Positions Of The Red Sox under FSG ?
  165. Why aren't there women managers?
  166. The last two weeks
  167. Suarez scores again
  168. A Greater force at play?
  169. LFC Connect App - Now available on Android
  170. Lots of rumours Klopp is the man (source: TalkSport/twitter)
  171. under a new manager,
  172. Liverpool in no rush and will continue to interview more candidates
  173. I think we need to take a step back
  174. Login Problem - PLEASE READ
  175. Our beloved Voronin lad with one of the "best" misses I've ever seen ..
  176. When Goal Celebrations Go To Hollywood
  177. Eden Hazard Confirms it will be Chelsea
  178. Joe Cole - Skysports News
  179. regardless who the new manager is
  180. Who is advising Fenway.......
  181. 27th Anniversary Of Heysel
  182. Format?
  183. messi (teaching you his dribble).
  184. Carroll is England's Number 9
  185. Youngsters next season?
  186. New kit
  187. Reason for Martinez and Rodgers being ahead of Rafa and AVB
  188. Fantasy Team for the Euros
  190. From everybody in the world living, who would be your BIGGEST surprise at working for LFC?
  191. Brendan Rodgers or Roberto Martinez?
  192. Balotelli will walk off the pitch if he becomes a victim of racism
  193. LFC related dreams
  194. René Girard ?
  195. Would Martin Jol be better than Martinez or Rodgers?
  196. Bringing in Martinez is going to ruin the club if he doesn't perform instantly.
  197. Happy Birthday Captain Fantastic!!!
  198. On This Day In 1942 Bill Shankly played for Liverpool
  199. Balotelli: I'm a misunderstood genius
  200. Should LFC move?
  201. Liverpool lead chase for Juve winger.....The Mirror
  202. The first 10 games in the season just as vital as the final 10?
  203. Kuwaiti businessman in take over talks with Leeds utd
  204. Shinji Kagawa closes in on £12m Manchester United move
  205. I wonder if FSG feel they have bitten off too much to chew.
  206. Lampard injury so Hendo's off to the Euros
  207. Who do you want from Swansea/ Van Gaal influences
  208. lfc magazine
  209. Balotelli to walk off the field if he is racialy abused.
  210. Serious question. How do we get back into the top 4??
  211. FAO; People who live in the UK
  212. For those of you watching on telly, Liverpool are the ones with the ball- Good article,TAW
  213. 3 Footballing Directors ??
  214. Telegraph: Dirk Kuyt poised for Anfield departure (confirmed)
  215. OK..... Now give him a war chest to bring in the best
  216. The Louis Van Gaal Thread.
  217. Exodus of Players?
  218. Your one piece advice for the new manager?
  219. New home kit 2012 pre-order questions
  220. swansea city statement re brendan rogers
  221. Our current players with BR's tactics
  222. A brave new world?
  223. Steve Clarke and Kevin Keen leave LFC
  224. I really fear for Rodgers if he gets off to a slow start
  225. Brendan Rogers' USP
  226. Which one player do you think will thrive most under BR, and why?
  227. Brendan Rodgers: Getting to the top the hard way
  228. How are our neighbours taking this news?
  229. I've got some news for you
  230. Brendan Rodgers - Nicknames
  231. What next for Rafa?
  232. Just wondering - how many of you have watched more than 2 Swansea games (90 mins)?
  233. Song for our new manager......
  234. Europa League Qualifying Round - Interesting Teams Involved
  235. Shankly v Paisley v Rodgers
  236. Paul Lambert "Leaving Norwich after bust-up, Heading for Villa'': Telegraph
  237. LFC-taxi
  238. Sorry but you have to see this....Deadly Goal celebrations.
  239. Rangnick to West Brom?
  240. Who will be our Director of Football?
  241. Genuine question
  242. Fowler on Rodgers and Liverpool future
  243. Team next season as is under BR
  244. Liverpool Yes/No game
  245. Managers attracting players myth.
  246. Interesting times ahead
  247. Transfer rumours and betting
  248. New kit launch event night at Anfield and Liverpool One stores!
  249. Can anyone quickly link me to Liverpools official statement regarding the Luis Suarez ban.
  250. Press conference live on LFC TV - Brendan Rodgers Unveiled As Manager