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13-12-08, 20:02
That's the sound of our collective bubble bursting...or so it would seem. I'm not going to pick the result or the performance apart, there's enough of that on here already but from the point of view of someone who doesn't indulge in flights of fancy:

1) We have overachieved by being top of the league at this point. On paper, we are not much closer to Chelsea or ManU than we were 5 seasons ago...so I'm happy that we're still, if only for a few more hours, top of the league.

2) If we can't finish teams off when we're on top and supposedly 'in control' of matches, we don't deserve to win the league.

3) As several other people have said - I honestly didn't think we'd be in this position before the season began (largely because of what I said in point 1 i.e. we don't have the strength in depth that the other 2 possess). With that in mind, we really aren't in a bad position at all.


13-12-08, 20:17
I have 1 QUESTION....

Why, when we are the home team playing against a team we should be beating if we are to have any chance of winning a title, can Rafa leave a striker on the bench and make like-for-like switches in a largely negative formation?

Answers on a postcard

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Why have you bumped this?

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What on Earth?

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Why have you bumped this?

I didnt it was top of my page hence the "huh"

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