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LFC Kop Area Rules

These Message Boards form a part of Liverpool FC's Kop Fans area. As such users wishing to use the message boards should ensure their posts conform to the Kop Rules which can be found via the link below:

Kop Rules

Via the Kop Rules link you can also find links to the website terms and conditions and further information resources to help you.

Should you have questions or feedback relating to the new guidelines, or indeed any aspect of the site then please use the Feedback thread, or send your comments via email to:


User CP

To access the User CP and view latest rep click here:

User CP

Introduction to LFC Forums

Introduction to the LFC Forums

As members, moderators and administrators of these forums, we want to help create a forum worthy of LFC and it's magnificent supporters. We've written this statement to give both new and existing users a better insight into what informs our decisions, how you can help us and what you can expect if you breach the rules governing the forums.

The primary purposes of this forum is to allow LFC supporters to discuss LFC and football in general with fellow Reds across the world. Moderation exists to ensure this can happen in a way which ensures the safety of users and the website.

LFC has values which it's committed to supporting. These include equality and respect for all. A forum gives us all a great opportunity to share views with fans across the world and we want to ensure that regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or cultural background this community is a welcoming and supportive space in which to discuss football.

The football area is our priority, but there are additional areas provided for other discussion. The same rules apply here as elsewhere. We want to allow the widest possible freedom of discussion, but we want to see individuals and groups within our support respected and will take action where this isn't the case.

We expect passionate, informed and at times intense debate with disagreement and argument, but we want this to take place within an environment of mutual respect for others right to a different point of view and our right to take action where deemed necessary.

Posting Rules and Website Posting Terms

Like any shared space we need clear rules that everyone understands, the following will help you to understand what they are, why they exist and how they will be enforced.

1. Website posting terms:

Any use of the forum involves an acceptance of LFC's overall website terms and conditions. All terms apply, but section B (The Kop Area) is particularly relevant in regard to forum postings.

2. Forum Posting Rules

The overall posting rules can be found here: [url][/url] The rules are based around the values that LFC endorse and wish to see respected within their online areas. We have tried to make them easy to understand. They apply to every post made on the forums and they underpin the additional guidance provided below.

3. The Forum Rules in practice

Swearing: By posting here you agree that obscene language is not allowed on these forums. In practice we operate a word censor which will automatically block out a range of obscene words.

We do not approve of it but we will not usually punish users who have asterixed words within their posts, unless they form part of an insult, ie you may not tell someone to '**** off'. However if the word censor fails to intercept your post it's your responsibility.

If you try to get round the censor by substituting characters, eg: 'F*** **** etc you are in breach of forum rules and action may be taken against you. This will range from a warning to a ban. Any use of the C word which is particularly offensive will draw an automatic ban of up to 7 days.


We want a forum where minority or unpopular opinions can be voiced and we will protect users who put their opinions forward in a reasonable way from the prejudices of majority opinion. Whilst we'll support your right to a different point of view, we won't stand by to allow trolling of other users by anyone who posts only to provoke or insult other users. It's up to you to ensure you aren't using personal insults, aggressive or insulting language, if you're considered to be trolling the boards your access will be removed.

Inappropriate content

Only 13 year olds and above can use these forums but whilst we encourage parents to supervise their children's use of these interactive areas there are no technical restrictions on who can view them and as such as should assume that younger fans can view them. We welcome passionate debate, but we don't want that to become aggressive and we won't tolerate personal insults. Likewise, we want to allow informed discussion of contentious issues, but for an adult discussion to take place we need users to behave like adults. That means respecting other users right to a different point of view and not making inappropriate comments about gender, race or cultural background.


In particular repeated references to drugs are not appropriate for these forums. There's no ban on the discussion of the subject, but any discussion should take place within a thread clearly marked and the discussion should be considered and respectful. It's not permitted to encourage conduct that would constitute a criminal offence.

Sexual innuendo

It's not appropriate to make sexual references in discussions about other matters. This can derail a thread and spoil a hitherto interesting discussion. If we find that you continually post sexual innuendo in discussion threads we may remove your right to post. Humour has a place in any community, but not to the extent that it adversely impacts on others enjoyment of the shared space.

Moderation and you

By posting on these forums you agree to be subject to our moderation. This means that we reserve the right to edit, delete or move your posts and to issue guidance and instructions on your behaviour where we believe it to be breaching the forum guidelines or disrupting the forums. If a moderator deletes a comment or requests a change in behaviour, we require you to take heed and make whatever adjustments are necessary without complaint within the thread.

Whatever your opinion on a moderating decision it's not permitted to abuse, insult or make snide assertions about the moderators or their decisions. Any appeals can be taken up as per the grievance policy outlined below. Any insulting comments will be viewed as wholly separate to any incident and will be treated as a breach of website terms and conditions. Our moderators are providing a valued and essential service on a voluntary basis and by posting here users agree to treat them with respect. In return, the moderators will endeavor to be consistent in their moderating decisions, (though they may on occasional cases look at the overall context of a post or set of posts) and consider individual appeals, as set out in the grievance procedure below, respectfully and with an open mind.

Penalties for breaking the rules

If you breach the rules you may face anything from a warning within a threat to a ban. This forum uses an infraction system whereby small breaches can get infractions. Get too many of these and you will trigger an automatic ban. If the offence is serious there will be an outright ban imposed which could range from 1 day to, in extreme cases an indefinite or permanent ban.

Grievance Procedure

We will take all efforts possible to offer a fair system of moderation and we expect users in return to abide by the rules outlined here. However it's inevitable that there will be incidents where users disagree with a moderating decision and in these cases please follow the following procedure.

1. Do not take up your cause in the thread where the moderating decision has been outlined. You can reply once within the thread to acknowledge the moderators post and to confirm your compliance with the instructions offered. If you disagree with the decision you can state within this same post your intention to appeal either by a report on the moderators post, contact us at or via a post in the feedback section. No further reference to the moderated incident should be made within the post to allow the discussion to continue and to stop debates around individual moderating decisions from diverting an ongoing conversation.

2. Any appeal should contain within it a link to the post concerned and a brief explanation of why the user disagrees with the moderating decision. Any appeal which contains insulting personal remarks about the moderator concerned will be dismissed and could make the user liable to further action.

3. We do not host debates on moderating decisions. It's for individual users to put their case forward and for moderators or admin to respond. If input from other users is needed it will be sought. Do not interfere in another user's appeal.

4. A successful appeal may result in a decision being overturned and, where merited, an apology offered. However, whilst we want to provide context where appropriate do not misuse the appeals procedure. If you appeal every post deletion or thread movement and in doing so take up valuable moderator time which could be better spent elsewhere your access to the appeals procedure could be withheld.

You will find a copy of this statement within the Forum FAQ for future reference.

General Forum Usage

Setting and Profile Features

Reading and Posting Messages

LFCTV Go Problems

As always, if you have problems today please don't just report them on the boards, if we are busy we can not monitor them. The best places to go are the help pages: Or the contact form: If you see people in trouble please do point them to the Help pages

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