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I was born in June of 1989 and have supported Liverpool since I was very young. I would say that I consciously began supporting Liverpool at the age of 4 or 5. Wearing the kits, learning about the players, and watching as many games as I could.

The more I learned about the history of the club, the passion of its players, managers, and supporters, and the philosophy to which the club as a football family abides; the more i fell in love. Liverpool Football Club means as much to me as my family does, and I love the club as I love my family. Whole heartedly, unconditionally, and eternally.

I have seen many highs and many lows as a Liverpool supporter, and wouldnt change any of them for the world. Supporting Liverpool Football Club has afforded me the priveledge to sample the vast array of emotions that are an integral part of life and instilled in me from a young age a huge and lasting appreciation of the amazing potential of the human spirit.
The way in which the Liverpool staff, players, managers, supporters; and as an entire football family - face and overcome hardships to push on to be the best they can be, is nothing short of one of the single most inspirational and motivational factors in my life.

Supporting this great football club has given me the strength, and determination to face any challenge that life can provide. The struggles faced by our players in red on the football pitch are comparative and parallel to those we as people face throughout our lives and through the examples set by Liverpool Football Club as a football family, I have been given the tools to cope with the demands of life, and to carve out a successful, and endeavoured existence.

I am so proud of the players and managers i have seen throughout my time as a Liverpool supporter and the only message i can extend to those people aswel as to the other loyal supporters of this amazing club is - Thank- you, and You'll Never Walk Alone.

Liverpool Football Club, Football, Boxing, Philosophy, Physical Fitness & Strength & Conditioning.
Air-Conditioning Duct Installer, Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach.


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