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Thread: More Houses Down Our Street

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    Didn't know my login still worked here!

    Wow...I'd almost forgotten about the comings and goings on Premier Street. It's been three long years in reality.

    Roger Brendans almost got his hands on the keys to No.1 until a slip. Even his visit to the Palace afterwards was a mess. The Sour Old Jock is now in the Home for the Demented, Gollum has gone to Spain and only the French Professor has remained at the top of the street whilst the Special Needs One's landlord is looking for a property on Championship Estate at present.
    . I am not here to revive this thread. I think it's time has gone and I'm really not in a position to keep it up as I once did. I'm just stopping by to say hello to anyone still around that remembers this thread. I did enjoy some of the posts and debates we had on here once upon a time.

    Now what's that noise? I can hear the sound of hooves on the street......a steady "Klippety Klopp" .................

    Regards FlabbyAlonso
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    Liverdinner is online now Posts With His Faace
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    Just saw this and was hoping for an update
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