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    Quote Originally Posted by kopitebaz View Post
    Hillsborough update - May 2017

    Posted 12 May 2017 - 10:30am by Rachel Cerfontyne

    This is the latest update on the Independent Police Complaints Commission’s (IPCC) Hillsborough investigation.

    Since formally referring evidence files to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)
    in January this year and concluding the majority of criminal enquiries, we have been focussed on examining over 170 allegations of misconduct. These include complaints from Hillsborough family members and survivors of the disaster, and matters that have been identified during the course of the inquiry.

    Investigative work on the complaints about police actions in the aftermath of the disaster is almost complete. We are now at a stage where the evidence gathered is being considered. These findings will be set out in individual investigation reports, which will form part of a more extensive final report containing comprehensive findings from both our independent and managed investigations.*We expect these to be published after any potential criminal proceedings have concluded.

    The CPS has informed us that it will make charging decisions on the West Midlands Police (WMP) aspect of the IPCC investigation separately to the South Yorkshire Police (SYP) strand.

    It has identified additional investigative work that needs to be completed on the WMP file before fully informed decisions can be made.

    While the CPS has worked with the IPCC throughout the investigation, providing early advice on various aspects, the first opportunity it had to examine the entire evidence file was when we formally referred it in January. This contained material the CPS had not previously seen.*The additional work is well advanced and we expect to finish and submit this by the end of May.

    It is important to note that the CPS intends to deliver all charging decisions on the SYP evidence file within its original six-month timeframe.

    We informed families last month that we had passed a Hillsborough-related allegation about a retired SYP officer who was on duty at the 1989 FA Cup semi-final to Durham Constabulary. The force has since informed us that its enquiries are now on hold and will resume after the main CPS charging decisions have been made.

    The disclosure team is making good progress and remains on track to provide material to the CPS within agreed deadlines. This process is being undertaken in line with legislation ahead of decisions on any potential prosecutions.
    Top notch.

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    Ex-South Yorkshire Chief Constable wins legal case over Hillsborough row

    David Crompton should not have been sacked rules Judicial Office, but Crime Commisioner intends to appeal

    10:47, 9 JUN 2017

    The Ex-Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police has won a High Court ruling that it WAS unlawful to for him to be forced to resign after the Hillsborough inquest verdicts.

    The judgement was handed down at 9.30am this morning by the government’s Judicial Office, but the South Yorkshire Police Crime Commissioner Alan Billings, who ordered David Crompton to resign, has vowed to appeal.

    The fall-out revolved around a statement by Mr Crompton a day after the conclusion of the inquest into the deaths of 96 Liverpool fan which concluded they were unlawfully killed.

    The former Chief Constable acknowledged criticisms of his force at the fateful FA Cup semi final in 1989, but went on to cite “other contributory factors.”

    Many interpreted that reference as meaning the behaviour of Liverpool fans in 1989, despite a coroner having absolved supporters of any blame in the Hillsborough tragedy, quashing all alleged links to hooliganism.

    Mr Billings called for Mr Crompton to stand down from his position for the perceived slur.

    Today, the Courts and Tribunal Judiciary ruled that Mr Billings’s call for the then-Chief Constable to resign was unlawful.

    This decision comes after a two-day hearing which took place in the Divisional Court in March this year.

    Summing up part of the judgement, the Judicial Office explained: “In the second statement the Chief Constable repeated his apology and unequivocally accepted the jury’s conclusion that the Liverpool supporters were blameless.

    “No fairminded observer could have concluded that the Chief Constable was implicitly criticising Liverpool supporters, or that ‘other contributory factors’ referred to the
    conduct of Liverpool football supporters.”

    Mr Crompton resigned in September last year, but had been set to relinquish his position the following November having completed 30 years service with the police.

    Today, Mr Billings said: “I am disappointed by the judgement that has been handed down by the High Court today.

    “I will be seeking permission to appeal the outcome, from the Court of Appeal, as this decision has potentially serious implications for the governance arrangements for the police service generally and not just in South Yorkshire.

    “I will be consulting about that with the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners before deciding how to proceed, as I recognise the process has already been expensive and it would not necessarily be in the interest of the South Yorkshire tax payers to foot the bill, despite the national importance of the decision in this case.”

    Mr Crompton’s lawyers had argued there was “no fair basis” for the “draconian step” of pushing for the Chief Constable to leave his position.
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    Nice touch in the opening titles of the new ITV drama Fearless...shows a wall with a crack in it, the crack splits a large JFT96 poster... Truth and Justice.

    Never forgotten.

    Life President of TEPS...The Ellipsis Preservation Society.
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    CPS to announce Hillsborough charging decisions next week
    Files surrounding 23 suspects were passed to the CPS in January

    * 13:27, 22 JUN 2017UPDATED13:37, 22 JUN 2017


    The Crown Prosecution Service will announce whether any individuals or organisations face criminal charges over the Hillsborough disaster and its aftermath next week.

    The decisions, set to be announced on Wednesday, come after evidence files in relation to 23 suspects were referred to the CPS back in January.

    Family members of the 96 Reds fans who died in the tragedy will be told at a specially-arranged meeting in Warrington before the information is later released publicly.

    Two criminal probes into the 1989 disaster were launched in 2012 and ran alongside the recent inquests - which found the 96 were unlawfully killed and that Liverpool fans were not to blame for the tragedy.

    Of the investigations, Operation Resolve focused on planning and preparation ahead of the FA Cup semi-final, while the Independent Police Complaints Commission looked at allegations of a police cover up following the tragedy.

    The two investigations saw staff conduct hundreds of interviews and examine hundreds of thousands of documents in a process lasting more than four years.
    In January it was announced files on 23 suspects had been sent to the CPS.

    Fifteen related to Operation Resolve’s investigation - from which the potential offences could include gross negligence manslaughter, perverting the course of justice, misconduct in public office and offences under the Safety of Sports Ground Act 1975 and Health and Safety at Work legislation.

    A further eight individuals were put forward in relation to the IPCC’s probe into both South Yorkshire Police and West Midlands Police and the alleged cover-up of the disaster.

    The potential offences for consideration include perverting the course of justice, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and misconduct in public office.

    January’s announcement did not reveal the names of any individuals or organisations that were facing further scrutiny.

    A spokesman confirmed Sue Hemming, CPS Head of Special Crime and Counter-Terrorism Division, would inform the families at a private meeting in Warrington on Wednesday morning.

    He said: “Today (22 June), relevant parties including families and suspects have been informed that the CPS will be announcing its charging decisions in respect of those individuals and organisations referred by the IPCC and Operation Resolve on Wednesday, June,28th."
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    Hillsborough: six people, including two senior police officers, charged

    South Yorkshire police officer David Duckenfield charged with manslaughter of 95 people over 1989 disaster

    David Conn
    11:25 BST Wednesday, 28 June 2017

    Six people including two former senior police officers have been charged with criminal offences relating to the deaths of 96 people at the 1989 FA Cup semi final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough football ground and the alleged police cover-up which followed.

    David Duckenfield, the South Yorkshire police officer who was in command of the match, has been charged with manslaughter of 95 people – the 96th, Tony Bland, died four years later after his life support was switched off.

    Sir Norman Bettison, the former chief constable of Merseyside and West Yorkshire police, who was an inspector in the South Yorkshire police at the time of the disaster, has been charged with four counts of misconduct in a public office.

    Graham Mackrell, the Sheffield Wednesday chief executive and officially designated safety officer for the Hillsborough stadium, has also been charged with breaching the teams of the ground’s safety certificate and failing to take reasonable care under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

    The three other men are all charged with doing acts with intent to pervert the course of justice, for the process by which statements made by South Yorkshire police officers on duty at Hillsborough were subsequently reviewed and changed.

    Donald Denton, the South Yorkshire police chief superintendent who operated in a senior role in that process, his deputy, chief inspector Alan Foster and the then South Yorkshire police solicitor, Peter Metcalf, have all been charged.

    Families of those who died gathered at Parr Hall, a venue in Warrington, near Liverpool, to hear the news directly from representatives of the Crown Prosecution Service.
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    As there are to be prosecutions, this is closed for comments. Mods will publish any official announcements if they arise.
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