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Thread: The 'Losing Fat/Gaining Muscle' Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreams-come-true View Post
    You dont have to believe me.
    What you're saying is unsubstantiated.

    You can lose weight just fine eating only sugar if you wish. Ignoring the health issues of course.

    Hope you have a great day anyway mate.
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    For anyone interested in the discussion about sugar, here's a pretty short but sweet (pun intended) article from Dr Layne Norton (PhD in Nutritional Sciences), with a large number of evidence backed references.
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    A documentary from 2015 on sugar ...
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    Looking for a bit of help from Robinio, or anyone else that can assist.

    In the last 2 years ive had my fair share of injuries and operations. I'm going back to MMA / Jiu Jitsu training and gonna eat healthier. I've put on a stone in the last year and a half.

    I'm 5 foot 9 and now weigh 12st 7.

    I'd like to get back to just over 11st if possible but I'm finding it impossible to stay disciplined. I'm always hungry. I must be eating the wrong foods.

    I've researched the net and books but so many different opinions. Thought id come on here and look for some advice from you guys.

    Any help would be greatfully appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robinio View Post
    So 16 stone is about 220lb

    Your BMR is around 2,000 calories per day. This is how many calories you would burn if you did absolutely nothing.

    If you were working out with weights - 4 times per week, with 2 HIIT cardio sessions, your maintanance calories would be around 3,000 per day.

    So, calorie wise, you would do this:

    3,000 calories on workout days
    2,000 calories on rest days.

    Your weekly calorie consumption would be 21,000 calories to maintain your current weight, accounting for the extra exercise you are doing. With the above, your weekly calorie intake would be around 18,000 - so a deficit of around 3,000 per week. Over 9 months this equates to a deficit of around 120,000 calories. That's a total weight loss of 30-40lb.

    If done correctly, you could add around 15lb of lean muscle. But let's assume you hit around 10lb. This means you would lose around 40-50lb of fat.

    I am going to estimate body fat at 40%. Based on this number, you would have 132lb of lean body mass. You would finish up at least 140lb lean body mass. Even with the lower end of weight loss, you would finish this recomp at around 190lb. 50lb would be fat, and 140lb muslce. This is a reduction in body fat to 26.3%. I am your height, and I was 25.8% body fat at 168lb (skinny fat) and you could see my abs. You would be carrying more muscle, so you would actually look leaner.

    You could make a serious change to your appearance, so long as you keep strict with the diet. In terms of diet, you need to consume 190 grams of protein per day. This is around 760 calories. 40-50% of your calories should come from fat. That's around 100 grams of fat on rest days, and around 150 grams on workout days. THe rest will come from carbs. This is around 85 grams on rest days, and 190 grams on workout days.

    ONce per week, you would carb load - so eat the same amount of protein, but increase carbs and lower fat. Aiming for around 300 grams of carbs. On these re-load days, you would consume about 100 grams of fat, 190 grams of protein and 300 grams of carbs.

    Great foods to eat:

    Cashew nuts (I got addicted to them) are high in good fats and protein
    Broccoli - high in vitamins and protein
    Sweet potatoes - great for carb loading
    Brown rice - great while carb loading
    Lean meat - chicken, fish, tuna for high protein, low carbs
    Whole eggs - I used to have 4 scrambled eggs on low-carb bread

    Have a cheat day 2-3 times per month. I deal with it by reducing my calories a little either side to allow more room. Also, plan your cheat days. If you know you are going to a wedding, or an event, plan to eat more calories on that day, and reduce the other days accordingly.

    Cut down on the booze. Not great to hear, but alcohol slows your metabolism and is super high in fast reacting carbs.

    Foods to cut down or out:

    White bread - eat wholemeal, or low-carb (hovis do one which is great) bread
    White potatoes - limit these
    Sugary foods and drinks (obviously)

    If you want something sweet, have some fruit or fruit jiuce. There are also some great tasting chocolate protein bars around, where you can get a sugar fix, but with less guilt than a normal chocolate bar.

    In regards to the workout routine - here is the one I designed. I would advise working with a personal trainer to get the form right on exercises, but if they argue with you on the exercises with the routine, put your foot down and stick to this one, as I have proven it works.

    If you can intermittently fast, do that. Don't eat for 16-20 hours, workout, and then eat straight after your workout - some carbs and at least 20-30 grams of protein. All that kind of stuff is covered in the recomp article I posted earlier.

    I have tried to cover everything here, but let me know if you have more questions!
    Where did you come up with this number? You do realize every one has a different metabolism, correct? You also do realize that not every persons workout burns the same amount of calories, correct? You also do realize that each persons BMR can be different, even if they all weigh the same, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PHIL. View Post
    1) Incorrect. Macros should not be calculated by %. Cutting carbohydrates is a myth.
    2) Preference based only. There is no need to cycle calories, although some individuals MAY enjoy extra calories on training days.
    3) Incorrect. Absolute nonsense.
    4) Depends on goals. Correct about compound lifts.
    5) Incorrect. Intermittent fasting has no influence on weight loss/gain. Can be used as a tool for those who feel hungrier in the evening. Smaller feeding window = larger meals.
    6) New research suggests this is not actually necessary. Doesn't hurt to take them if you can afford it though.
    7) Correct that protein is important for muscle retention when in a deficit. No need to preference protein sources, although plant proteins are less complete.
    Did you miss the point that this is to successfully recomp?

    If you could kindly point me to multiple sources you mention that show this to be nonsense? I designed a body recomp programme after months of intense research - of which I wrote several articles - some of which are being praised by people with Master's Degrees from King's College in nutrition. This is literally my job.

    I shall assume you did not read my body recomp article on the matter. These guidelines are specifically for that. But instead of paying hundreds of pounds for an "expert" to tell you how it is done, I am keen to share my knowledge with others.

    So if you could kindly point out multiple points of research that support your comments of "nonsense".

    Meanwhile, feel free to check out my article on BCAAs which cites over 20 studies, including many from 2017. It explains exactly why they are needed when recomping. Then check out my body recomp, with DEXA scans where I put all of this research to the test and proved it to be possible.

    Plant proteins are also not complete. This is nonsense. You need to combine foods to form a complete protein, containing all essential amino acids. I mention about that in my article about protein, where I deigned and built my own protein calculator, too, which also cites multiple studies regarding protein intake.

    And here is the study I used for my body recomp, which shows the casein group packing on far more muscle:

    And in case you missed it, here is my body recomp - complete with DEXA body scan showing that I packed on 8.4lb of muscle and lost 6.2lb of fat in just 3 months by following these guidelines. It explains why you should cut high GI foods, why fasting is beneficial, and explains exactly why the macros are calculated in the way they are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robinio View Post
    Far too busy to spend time on this sorry, but I would suggest that you do a bit more research in some of these areas. As good as your intentions are, a lot of the information you've provided is cookie cutter at best.

    But then again, it's a football forum so fair play for trying to help people.
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