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Thread: Mark my words: This Will Be A Season To Remember.

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    Rodgers should feel lucky to still have a job.

    1. 3 goals in 5 games, 1 of which shouldn't have counted. 2 that were individual moments of greatness. 1 that was made by a player BR was about to take off the field. In other words, ZERO goals created by the team.

    2. Players have lost the ability to pass forward or turn. Everything is back to goal (even Benteke's wonder goal).

    3. Last year we kept saying, "just wait until Sturridge comes back." This year we're saying "just wait until Sturridge comes back."

    4. A 3-1 loss to a BAD Manchester United team playing in a slump, who dominated LFC for 89:55. LFC NEVER looked like they were in the game. In fact they didn't even look like they knew where they were.

    5. Our best player is our right back, but has done nothing on offense.

    6. Our midfielders run upfield for 20-30 meters then give the ball away over and over and over.

    7. Everyone is jogging. There is no running on LFC.

    8. LFC look scared. They look like they don't want to be the ones that make the mistake that costs a goal.

    9. We are not attacking - WE ARE PARKING THE BUS. We are boring boring boring and pathetic in attack. There is NO strategy going forward.

    10. Firmino is standing still, sometimes jogging. He has the best seat for each match, just inside the right line.

    11. Ings was the most dangerous player against ManU, so he was substituted after being played at left midfield. Way to set him up to be the next Borini - talent wasted.

    12. Benteke is to slow to break behind the defense, and no one else is making the runs.

    13. We have a lot of players who show promise, but not a one that pushes the team forward. No we sold or otherwise "dispatched" all those players.

    14. We've spent millions on "good" players while others spend millions on "great" players.

    15. We look confused and rudderless. OK, maybe you can't blame the new recruits, but BR's been at LFC too long for the established players to not know what they are doing.

    16. Lovren is not a leader. Skrtel is not a leader. Milner is not a leader. Henderson is not a leader. See a pattern here?

    17. We are now a feeder club where young talent is getting playing time at the expense of the club and it's supporters.

    18. Lucas had to fight for his place AGAIN, forced to prove he's the best DM we have - and is getting no help.

    19. We set up a zonal marking system on the 6 yard box when ManU has 4 players outside the goal box.

    20. Our goalkeeper makes magnificent saves, but can't pass the ball to save his life. Yet time and again, we pass backwards until he's the one trying to make the decisive long pass.

    21. We back up on defense until the opposition gets close enough to shoot around us instead of challenging for the ball (except for Clyne).

    22. We respect the opposition too much. We should be destroying Bournemouth, West Ham, and a pathetic ManU side. Instead we treat them like they are Real Madrid and retreat into our own 18 yard box - BY DESIGN.

    23. MOST IMPORTANTLY: we play "not to lose" and don't play "to win". That doesn't make us winners - at best it makes us not losers, at worst and more likely than not, it makes us losers.

    I could go on, but why bother. I'm so sick of this. Individually there's a lot of talent, but as a team we suck. We'll be lucky to be in the top half of the table let alone challenge for a Euro spot at the "blistering" pace we've set. Already 8 points and a goal differential 14 off the pace. There is absolutely nothing to take as a positive from the last two matches as a team and nothing offensively to be taken as a positive so far this season. We are lucky to have 7 points instead of 5 (because of a goal that shouldn't have counted) or 2 except for a Coutinho run and shot that was completely out of character for the match.

    I remember when Liverpool were a club, not a collection of individuals.


    P.S. We have gotten worse offensively every year since I started this thread - the same time BR took over. Now, sadly, I think it's time to give Jurgen Klopp a call. He can get at least as much out of these players as BR has.
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    We need a manager who can attract quality players, who have won some trophies, who have competed at a higher level. If fish would have cold it a day to part ways with BR, at the end of the Season and bring inn JK or Benitez we would be talking of having signed even 3 quality players. reus, Obemyoun Makteryan , one of these players would be at Anfield today. BR signs players whom he never trust. Shame. That defeat by West Ham is unforgivable. It showed how inexperienced Rogers is. Our squad is naked. All games wher Ibe started looked good and promising.
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    This is me mad.

    I’ve always been told to never write anything in anger. But damn it, I’m at the point now where I don’t know if BR is completely clueless, scared, over his head, or simply delusional. After every loss we hear him repeat the same tired mantra of hard work and deserving better. After every scraped by win, we hear about how good we are, even when the product on the field says otherwise. Always, this is tinged with “Team A” is a good team and “we knew they’d be tough”. Sorry, but that’s a bunch of hooey. And I’m not going to sit back and wait anymore for something to magically change.

    So here are my direct responses to Brendan Rogers after the ManU match from the LFC website article.

    BR: “We’re disappointed with the result and the performance.

    Disappointed? How about angry as hell? If you approach a match expecting to sit back and react you will never be a good side. We don’t impose our game. In fact we have no game to impose.

    BR: “I thought in the first half we were fairly organized but technically could have been much better with the ball.”

    Organized = two banks of parked busses. We never had the ball, and when we did we didn’t have anywhere to pass it. Without Coutinho we had no one breaking the (very average) midfield or the back line. There was no real threat we’d score, no sustained pressure, no worthwhile possession, and no creative intent. Emre Can burst forward 5 or 6 times only to realize too late that there was no one to play the ball to.

    BR: “We didn’t keep the ball for long enough to create opportunities, but we didn’t give away too much either in the first half…“

    What match was BR watching? We continuously gave the ball away on the rare occasions we had it. It was a credit to the defense of Clyne in the first half aided by the continuing ineptness of the ManU offense and compounded by the absence of both a central forward and Rooney that kept us from giving anything away in the first half.

    BR: “…it was only really when we gave the ball cheaply and put ourselves under pressure.”

    We panicked the whole match. Our defenders were looking up to the midfielders to move into space but could only go backwards. The midfielders never had anyone to pass it to but Benteke. Ings and Firminho are forwards but are being played as defensive minded outside midfielders and are not providing enough movement.

    BR: “So it was 0-0 at half-time, we’re OK and looking to play better in the second half.

    We were nowhere near OK. We were slow, predictable, and totally devoid of creativity.

    BR: “We’re disappointed with the free-kick. I thought both players were tangling for the ball, both had their arms up and Ashley Young jumps on the player’s [Clyne] back and gets a free-kick. But they worked it well and get the goal and we then gave away the penalty.

    Not at all true. Young played for the foul when he got around Clyne, but Clyne did have his arm around Young. That is called 7 out of 10 times. It was a smart foul by Clyne to stop the advance outside the box. This is you making an excuse for a lack of recognition on the following free kick when we set up a zonal marking system on the 6 yard box even though ManU had 4 players at the edge of the penalty area. There wasn;t anyone within 5 yards of Blind when he shot.

    BR: “At 2-0 you’re up against it. We then got on the front foot, Christian scored an incredible goal with a high level of technique…”

    Front foot? You mean we finally got out of our own half. But still there was never any sustained pressure. We got a lucky deflection and Benteke scored a wonderful goal – all credit to him. But the team didn’t create this opportunity through a series of passes. It was a moment of brilliance by a single player and not the result of any strategy.

    BR: “…so we were back in the game at 2-1 and looking at maybe getting something.
    But we then conceded within a minute and at 3-1 the game is dead.”

    You will always concede if your defense backs up and doesn’t challenge for the ball. Do we have to lose by 6 before BR realizes this? Oh wait, we already did, to Stoke last year. Lesson learned right? We didn’t buy a fast aggressive DM like we need so badly. Sakho doesn’t play in favor of a shaky Lovren and Lucas can’t be responsible for Skrtel backing up into his own penalty area. We are not aggressive in defense and that is why we can’t impose an offense. By the time we do get the ball, the competition has their whole team behind the ball and we’ve lost the advantage of a turnover. I’d give two Firminho’s and an Allen for one Naingolain.

    BR: “Overall, we had plenty of effort and commitment but we needed to be better with the ball.”

    I call bull on this statement. We played like a newly promoted Championship side afraid of the opposition from the first whistle. A better team would have scored 5+ against us today.

    BR: “I just felt we needed to be much better in terms of showing for the ball and wanting the ball. For me, it's too late when you go 1-0 behind. I like players who take the initiative in the game, be proactive in the game, and second half we were a bit better at that.”

    And that’s why we took off Ings: the only player to show any finesse in the attacking zone up to this point.

    BR: “You need to [be better] ...”

    No BR, YOU need to be better. Liverpool FC needs better tactical management. I’m starting to believe we’ve seen the best of BR. He isn’t making the team better and maybe should have lost his job last year. Just look at all the records this team has been breaking: none of them are good.

    BR: “This is a team that, certainly for the first couple of years, was very offensive and creative.”

    Suarez was a catalyst for those years. His play often saved LFC from embarrassment and he scored most of his goals through sheer force of will. Very few were a direct result of any offensive strategy. In fact, I don’t believe there IS an offensive strategy other than “get the ball to the forwards and see what happens”.

    BR: “We’re still looking to find that way… …but certainly we need to create more opportunities.

    How long are we going to look for that way? That way? We are getting worse while BR flounders, selling our best and talking like a snake oil salesman. What are you selling BR? Because I’ve heard this nebulous talk before and it means nothing.

    BR: “With the players we’ll have coming back…

    So we’re now reliant on Sturridge, Coutinho, and Henderson? While I love these guys, it’s a pipe dream to think the problem is with the players on the field and not with the lack of direction behind them. I thought this is why we “bought depth” for three seasons: so we could field a competitive squad every match regardless of injury or because of multiple competitions. Btw Markovic has speed. Where is he?

    BR: “The players are bitterly disappointed because they know we can play better than that and over the course of the season I'm sure they will but as you can see there's still a lot of hard work ahead for us. The players are still learning and adapting to how we work.”

    BR has been copying and pasting this statement since he started at LFC.

    We didn’t “Suffer a defeat…” today. We got our asses handed to us by a mediocre team in turmoil, who are rebuilding, and who were playing without a center forward.

    I want better. The fans deserve better. There are always peaks and valleys in a season. The defense started very strong for the first 3 matches but got by on a lot of luck too. So far, the team should be disappointed in every performance this year. Even though they’ve skated by and got some lucky rubs of the green, we’ve been mostly poor and absolutely totally uncreative. Scoring 2-3 goals every 5 matches is not going to net you 7 points most times. I’m afraid we are even worse than the 7 points we do have show.

    The “W” in YNWA is paramount here. You need to walk for us to walk with you. So far you aren’t walking, nor swimming, just drowning.
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    i thnk Rodgers is in over his head
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    I thought we were bad under Hodgson but I think we are now worse. We have no direction and no signs of improvement.
    The opening games we flattered to deceive and got points with luck, not good play. Should have been able to beat a relatively poor Arsenal who had a second choice central defence.
    The defensive play is poor and we have players who would not get into other top clubs first teams let alone previous LFC teams. Lord knows who the scouts/Rodgers
    are going to dig up next.
    Far from Shanks's Anfield fortress we now have a castle made of sand. It used to be that you could go to the match with an air of optimism and the 'This is Anfield' sign said it all but not any
    Still we have to keep the faith and YNWA.
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    No fire in the squad... that is a management problem ask anyone who manages a lead and when you are enthusiastic and determined to succeed and convey that to your team in a positive way (not a dictatorship) then you get your team hungry to show you what they got and even you are sometimes left surprised when they exceed your or their own expectations.

    Over the years LFC has always been able to hold their own even when things got really bad.....but from the loss to &%^%$% M united on 22nd March 2015 to date this is no longer the case...

    We dropped 18 points at the end of last season as we only got 8 from 27 in last 9 games....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ugly Duckling View Post
    i thnk Rodgers is in over his head
    I’m leaning towards this too. We keep on hearing what a good man-manager he is from the players so I don’t think it’s a lack of communication. We also hear what a great tactician he is. That I simply don’t agree with. It’s a blurb newscasters say about BR when they don’t really know much about the club.

    Quote Originally Posted by besty1 View Post

    1. We have no direction and no signs of improvement.
    2. The opening games we flattered to deceive and got points with luck, not good play.
    3. The defensive play is poor and we have players who would not get into other top clubs first teams let alone previous LFC teams. Lord knows who the scouts/Rodgers
    are going to dig up next.
    4. It used to be that you could go to the match with an air of optimism…
    5. Still we have to keep the faith and YNWA.
    1. This is what has made me change my mind about BR over time. He came into the club with the order to minimize expectations. That is totally understandable for the first year or even two. The simple truth is that we are not getting better. We have hot streaks where we play really well, true. But we have a lot more streaks where we’re playing poorly whether we lose, tie, or win.
    2. agreed
    3. The strategy the owners are using, “money-ball”, isn’t working. It’s based on a buy-low sell high concept where you look for value for money. Since BR took over we’ve “collected” two full teams worth of players and then some. That means we’re buying quantity over quality. I do however think we’ve done some excellent business. Sturridge, Coutinho, Benteke, Ings, Clyne, Can and Sakho are all very good players.

    Besides it being completely against the history and ethos of a huge formerly successful club to become a feeder club, it’s also proving more costly than initially expected. The problem is, for every young player successfully managed through this system, there are three or four we’re selling at a loss. Those losses, I’m convinced, would at least equal the additional cost of buying more established players who we know will go right into the first team (again, Clyne is the perfect example – excellent buy).

    All that said, on paper, I feel we have a very good team when healthy.
    FW: Benteke, Sturridge
    MF: Ibe, Henderson, Milner, Coutinho
    DF: Moreno*, Sakho, Skrtel, Clyne
    GK: Mignolet
    Bench: Ings, Firminho, Lallana, Can/Lucas, Gomez, Lovren, Bogdan

    • LB is a problem. Moreno is good going forward but needs to get much better defensively and Gomez is excellent defensively but offers nothing going forward.

    4. This thread is the perfect example of optimism turned to absolute helplessness. Again, it’s the minimization of expectations. We treat every other club as if they should be a danger. We should be treating them with respect, but not open fear of failure. We are a reactive (not proactive) team and are not imposing our will upon lesser opponents.

    5. Yes, absolutely, but we must never confuse frustration and criticism with a lack of support. It’s natural for me (and all fans) to want better. I have faith in the club in general. Like I said, I think we have a pretty damn good squad. That said, we’re missing a few essential compnents. First, we need more difference makers: Sturridge and Coutinho types. Second, we need some real leadership who we, as well as the players, can respect in management and on the field. Finally, we need a change of strategy in the transfer market. I believe the owners have made it abundantly clear they will spend money on players and have made a fantastic decision to stay at Anfield and upgrades are in the works. I also understand that since falling out of the Champions League makes it very difficult to lure the best players to Northern England. The problem is, the longer the quality on the field is lacking, the more this problem compounds itself, the more we lose top players. It’s a terrible downward spiral that is, in my opinion, at a crisis point.

    Quote Originally Posted by DAKOP View Post
    No fire in the squad... that is a management problem ask anyone who manages a lead and when you are enthusiastic and determined to succeed and convey that to your team in a positive way (not a dictatorship) then you get your team hungry to show you what they got and even you are sometimes left surprised when they exceed your or their own expectations.

    Over the years LFC has always been able to hold their own even when things got really bad.....but from the loss to &%^%$% M united on 22nd March 2015 to date this is no longer the case...

    We dropped 18 points at the end of last season as we only got 8 from 27 in last 9 games....
    You’re absolutely right. See my answer to #1 above.

    I feel we’ve lost a lot of identity, incrementally, over time. I used the analogy of a ship and equated turning it in the right direction is the first step. In the first couple years with BR we looked to be taking more positive steps. A lot of that had to do with Suarez who simply cannot be replaced. But since then it has been mostly bad, very bad.

    Quickly, I believe Jurgen Klopp would fit LFC perfectly. He’s a great person and coach. He’s also learned to build up a great team at Dortmund without much money. Additionally, he might talk some of the players from Dortmund into a move – Schmelzer would solve our left back problem - Reus, Gundogan, Hummels, and Bender would all be very welcome.

    I think after the horrible start last year, and the second chance he got then, and the third he got by keeping his job over the summer. BR is lucky as hell to have the owners support. I honestly wish him well and if he can turn this thing around I’d sing his praises. We all want LFC to be winners. ←period, end of.

    All said, BR deserves the credit due. He took Swansea and made them into an average PL team. Problem is, now he’s done the same with LFC.
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    All said, BR deserves the credit due. He took Swansea and made them into an average PL team. Problem is, now he’s done the same with LFC.

    That is the sum of the that sentence you have summed up BR and the current philosophy we play to....AVERAGE!

    Agree wholly with you on the change in manager required.... our players are not bad a team they fluff their lines too often and for me it is the BR philosophy & management style that is the problem.
    LFC must have a club philosophy....not every manager who comes in brings his own....they must adapt to what the club wants to achieve and how the club wants to play....if the owners reckon they are happy at being a mid table team then BR is the right man for the job.
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    Every time I think we can't get lower...

    we do.

    1-1 to a mid-table league 2 side with half our starters on the field.

    Ridiculous. absolutely F***ing ridiculous. I can't even put into words how disappointed I am right now. To say more would just be repetitive at this point.

    Fire Brendan. Get Klopp. Bring Stevie back to train as underboss.

    Some credit where credit is due:
    I want to give some credit to a few players who have been playing really well: First, Moreno has been outstanding at the wing back. Milner has been very solid if not spectacular. Clyne is so solid every match. Ings and Can both have showed some great sparks. Mignolet has been very solid in defense. Firminho is running now - it will take time for him to adapt, but he's active - that's a great first step.

    And some critiques:
    Coutinho, has been a little predictable. He's always trying to set up his own shot. Imo he needs to look for more of those sneaky passes he was pulling so well when he first arrived - stay unpredictable. Sakho is fantastic for 80 minutes and awful for 10 - he needs to keep concentration. Can needs to look for the early pass when he breaks forward - he moves to far until his choices are closed off. With a first step like he has, he should break through then set up a forward/wing with a through pass.

    A very tired Neverman.
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    This is a belated CONGRATULATIONS to one of my favorite LFC players of the last decade, Martin Skrtel. I had no idea he'd reached such a wonderful prestigious landmark in his career of 300 games. That's fantastic.

    For many of us who love the game it would be a treat (or nightmare) to play in just one, but you sir, have made a claim that few ever have.

    Again Congratulations. Here's to a continued great career in Liverpool.

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    (left side of brain): Hey when did we get pewdiepie to manage LFC?!

    (right side of brain): That’s not pewdiepie. That’s Jurgen Klopp, from Dortmund.

    (left): Really?! Cooooooooooooooooool.

    OK, so seriously, I am over the moon. This is LFC’s best signing in the last several years.

    Whether you were a supporter of Brendan Rodgers (as I was for the first 3 years) or you never thought he was the man, it just didn’t work out. I think he was simply not experienced enough to handle the demands at a historic club like LFC. He didn’t have the reservoir of experience to get over the hump. He did some good things, but in the end, it simply wasn’t enough.

    I wish Brendan Rodgers the very best in his future. He is a quality manager who will land on his feet and will be in great demand over the next months all over the world. He should have his pick of a couple/three/four good positions and he will get better as a manager. Add to this a great severance package and he won’t have to rush into a new gig and can take the time to find the right fit for him and his family. Y.N.W.A.

    Now, as Jurgen Klopp said, it’s time to make new history.

    Changing from doubter to believer:

    I agree with what Klopp has said about the way the LFC fans have been responding to the team with pessimism. Sometimes it IS miserable being a Liverpool fan when all one hears is doom and gloom. There is a very reactive streak in the fanbase and sometimes we can show a very bleak demeanor. Maybe it’s the lack of sunshine. I don’t know. I live in Florida.

    BUT what Herr Klopp must also realize is that LFC is known for the football intelligence of the fanbase. People are always surprised by how much we, as a whole, understand the game. He has to understand that over the last few years we were very patient with the regime. It was only over time, when progress wasn’t made, that BR lost EVERYONE, myself included.

    Most importantly for Mr. Klopp is that his appointment gives us all belief again. The slate is clean. We will be patient: some of us perhaps to a fault. But we are all energized and excited. We know we have some very good players. Though he will always be fighting the marker laid by the history of the club, but as long as we see the team getting better, we are going to be very happy.

    “I’m the normal one.”

    I love this quote. One thing that I found extremely insulting recently was when BR said there was a “hysteria around LFC”. Without even going into the history of the word, hysteria implies that we were not logical about our criticisms: that we were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. It implied we, as a group of fans, were unreasonable. That quote, after supporting BR - even when there was a long laundry list of reasons not to - seemed disrespectful and mean spirited.

    Klopp, the normal one, is not putting himself before the team. He is consistently talking about how he will need help and stresses that we are one. THAT is the LFC way. It makes me think he’s the perfect man for the job.


    The Black Forest, Stuttgart, and Beer

    I grew up as a Stuttgart “watcher”. I can’t say I supported them, but they were my favorite German club for many years. I also went to The State Academy of Visual Arts in Stuttgart for a year of "Ausbildung". When the team I played for (TB Kirchentellinsfurt) had our 100th Anniversary we had a weeklong fest that culminated with a friendly against VfB Stuttgart (which we lost 11-1 btw). They were wonderful, friendly, and open: Balakov even stayed around for about an hour signing autographs for the kids.

    Anyway, to help, here are a few examples of what we have. These comparisons are very surface and really shouldn’t be taken seriously btw.

    Daniel Sturridge is our Gomez
    Ings is our Bobic
    Coutinho is our Balakov
    Lucas is our Freund (yes I know he was Borrusia Monchengladbach)

    Finally, when returning to Germany for vacation, may I suggest, if you haven’t tried it before Zwiefalter Klosterbrau. It’s a small brewery and Gasthaus in the Black Forrest (Zwiefalten) and is owned by a family friend. The Jagerschnitzel is made with fresh mushrooms picked from the hills every morning and the beer is exceptional, even by German standards. Awesome stuff.


    JK: “You have to bring them [the opposition team] on your level. On your level you can kill every team.”

    For the last couple years I’ve been grousing about how “reactive” we’ve been as a team as opposed to proactive. Proactive means you control what the other team is doing and reactive means they are in control of you. With the above statement Klopp shows he will not stand by and let other teams dictate our play on the field. This is a huge difference in mentality.

    I feel, as Klopp has said, that we have some very good players and believe they simply lack some direction. This statement shows me he is going to give them that direction.

    Patience and Positivity

    Jurgen Klopp is asking for both. He’ll get it. The change in management brings with it a renewal of energy for all of us. It was time for a change and I think we all already feel better than we did last week. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kop doesn’t already have a song in the works for his first home match.

    Again, we’ll show patience as long as we see progress. The signing of Klopp is, in my eyes, a sign of progress in itself. Now let’s see what he can do.


    Herzliche Wilkommen am Anfield. Unsere hofnung ist nur gute Fussball zum sehen. Ich denke das Sie, Herr Klopp, wurde uns das nochmal zeigen, Prost!
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    It is frustrating enough to know that you can not stop signing the players you are not interested in, leave alone being told not to sign who you think is important for the team and your plan.
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    Definitely will be a season to remember with klopp in charge,
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    CORRECTION: In my last post I mentioned Freund and that he was from Monchengladbach. I had a brainfart. I meant Torsten Frings from Werder Bremen/Dortmund.

    ADDENDUM: Please recognize this thread was started when Brendan Rodgers was hired, so if you want to respond just keep it current. As far as the title is concerned, every year is a year to remember for LFC supporters – maybe – hopefully – probably – this one especially.

    ‘nuff said. On to it.

    Jose “the Bull” Enrique and Alberto Moreno:

    I hope that with the coming of a new manager, Jose gets a fair chance of returning to the fold. Before his injuries, Jose “the Bull” was considered a very good LB. After getting injured a few times he never got another fair shake. There may be some underlying injury issues to which we (the supporters) are not privy, but it seemed very odd that when we (the team) were having so many defensive problems, especially at LB, that Jose wasn’t given some serious time. Imo, if healthy, Jose is our best LB because he is both good in defense and can go forward.

    As posted before, Moreno is amazing in attack but really needs to work on his defense. He is very similar to Jordi Alba, but I think he will become much better than the Barca man. With a reasoned approach and hard work, he’ll come good, but I believe maybe until December, without all the responsibility on his shoulders to win now, and with a clear view to learning, spot starts and a sideline view (so a positional trainer can point out real time situations) would help him immensely.

    That said, in the future, probably more than anyone on this squad, Moreno is the best fit for the gegenpressing style Klopp will be implementing. He has speed, tenacity, and the ability to turn defense into attack so quickly. Also, he’s an amazing passer and sees the early cross and through runs incredibly well. I really love this kid and expect great things from him.

    So I would like Klopp to run the rule over Jose and give him the fair shake I believe he deserves while giving Moreno some intense instruction during game-day and in training on how to improve defensively.

    Steven Gerrard:

    Though I can’t hate ManU as much as Liverpudlians, I generally couldn’t give a rat’s ass about them. Still, I think we’d all agree that what the club is doing with Scholes is a pretty classy move. He is very much the MU equivalent of Stevie G and they are treating him well.

    After Stevie is done in the U.S. I would love to see him come back to learn the ropes under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp. The one caveat is that Stevie would not be training to take over as manager, but would be training to work with Klopp as an assistant manager. Stevie’s football mind is a resource that should be utilized and it’s clear he wants to come back to LFC when he’s done playing.

    I feel the German would welcome having Stevie in a position under himself. Who wouldn’t want someone with that much PL and CL playing experience as a “consigliore” of sorts? Klopp has already said he is “the normal one” and needs help from his staff. SG fits the bill in so many ways without being in a position to challenge the authority of JK (because of his need to learn the ropes and gain experience before making the jump to management, let alone to have the credentials to manage LFC).

    Lazar Markovic:

    Bring him back from his loan spell early. The team as well as Lazar will benefit more in the long run by him being here, learning the system, than either will over the next half season playing overseas in a different system. I think this kid is a star of the future who wasn’t managed well. Rodgers seemed more concerned about controlling the player’s impulses than harnessing and teaching him to master them. I think the change in mentality Klopp brings will help LM’s development and curtail his recklessness while maximizing his natural ability, drive, and the attacking mentality that so perfectly fits the gegenpressing style.

    Roberto Firmino:

    There have been a couple articles mentioning the consistent praise Klopp had previously given Firmino while both were in the Bundesliga. Some (idiots) even went so far as to say we should sell Coutinho in favor of our new Brazilian. First, I agree with Klopp's assessment of Firmino. In fact, I think he is the only player who is pretty much guaranteed not to be sold in the near future. That said, Firmino will have to run more than he has so far at LFC, simple as that. I think he will. And I think he will be a great signing for LFC.

    As far as selling Coutinho goes: what a stupid idea that is. I think he should be our centrally attacking midfielder, playing the classic #10 role, for the next decade. One never knows what happens when Barca comes calling, but Coutinho should stay at LFC. Simply, he would be a cog at Barca, whereas at LFC he should have the opportunity to bloom further. He will be a Liverpool Legend – if he wants it. There is no ceiling to his development as long as he’s always starting. I believe he will be getting that opportunity at LFC for years. Add to this that he and Firmino will probably be playing together for Brazil for the foreseeable future and one can only imagine the understanding and brilliance that could develop between the pair.

    Current Players and Transfers:

    I’ve been wondering just what’s really in Klopp’s head right now. Imagine having one week to put together a team for a PL match! - let alone against a decent Hotspur side. Poor guy must be watching tons of film, evaluating players, constructing his game plan, communicating his ethos, and consulting the staff to figure out what his first team will look like. It will take time for him to find his best eleven but the amount of data must be proportionally equally daunting to the initial elation of getting the job.

    When I was going to law school I sometimes felt like I was processing so much information that I was losing some basic motor skills to compensate. I’ll bet he’s feeling that way now. Have no fear. The detrimental effects of information overload are only temporary. So if his shoes are untied or he can’t put his jacket on during the match, don’t worry. He’ll be fine.

    Anyway, I always try to use the actual words of the people I am writing about. Only when there is a breakdown of communication (like with the repetitive nature of BR’s press) or there is a purposeful silence will I speculate more. That said, I will always inform the reader that I am using deductive reasoning at that moment to formulate my opinions.

    Thus, I believe articles on transfers linking us with players in December, though entertaining, are mostly made up hype and hooey. I’ll take Klopp’s own statements from the first press conferences and interviews that I’ve watched with my own eyes over all the speculation. In his own words he needs to “see what we have”, “likes the players we’ve got” and “won’t think about transfers yet” As he so succinctly said, “It’s October”.

    Starting Lineup:

    So first thing’s first. Just for fun here’s whom I’d go with if I were in JK’s position.

    In attack:

    -------------------------- Sturridge (CF) --------------------------
    ----- Lallana (AM) ------------------------- Firmino (AM) -----
    --------------------------- Coutinho (AM) -------------------------

    This setup opens up a lot of space for Studge as well as utilizes Coutinho’s playmaking ability. Although it is a “skinny” lineup, we simply don’t have real wingers so using the three AM’s, to me, is the best option. Ibe, imo, is one for the future and is not very creative despite his one-on-one ability. A place on the bench is perfect for him right now where he can be subbed in to introduce late game speed against a tired defensive opponent, thereby maximizing his impact.


    ------------- Can (CM) ------------------ Lucas (DM) -----------

    Some of you guys probably think I’m nuts for taking Can over Milner, but with the change of management, I think it’s important to get Can’s development (in midfield) going. He has a fantastic burst and sees the field very well. He’s also pretty fast for a CM. But he is missing certain aspects to his game (consistent passing and run recognition) that he can only develop with playing time. I say get that experience sooner, during the transition, rather than later. All said, Can is a hybrid CM/DM who will have a little room to go forward while Lucas is best played protecting the CB’s and frustrating the flair players of the opposition.

    All said, we need Milner on the field, but I don’t like the pairing of Milner and Lucas. There isn’t enough raw speed between them and right now, we need Lucas at the DM position. Also, Milner and Can weakens our defense since we won’t have a true DM covering our CB’s. Ergo, Can and Lucas. Besides I have other plans for Milner.

    Sidenote: When Hendo gets back, I like him to return to the starting lineup in Can’s position. His endless motor and pressing is a great fit for Klopp, though he still needs to work on the consistency of his passing accuracy. Presently, Hendo and Lucas is a good pairing. In the future, considering how much ground they can cover, Hendo and Can could become a dominant pairing as Can betters his DM and transition abilities and Hendo sharpens his attacking skills.


    Milner (LB) ---- Sakho (CB) --- Skrtel (CB) ---- Clyne (RB)

    I know a major reason James Milner wanted to come to Anfield was the promise to be played in the CM role. Regrettably, with a change in management, he can’t rely on that promise anymore. That said, on the plus side he’s played LB before, he has immense experience and football intelligence, and possesses the innate desire to press and control the match.

    We have a short-term problem at LB (see above). I truly believe Moreno will come good and will flourish, but right now he’s a defensive liability when playing four at the back. I also believe it is impossible to pull Jose from the pastures and throw him right in.

    So we have a hole needing filling. Milner can be an excellent player in this position because of his tenacity, intelligence, and experience. Simply, he will know when to go forward and when to stay back. Sakho occasionally needs the cover and JM is smart enough to know when Sakho is floundering. This is one of those situations that, for Milner, is testing. But I can’t think of a better professional to fill the void. He is the Anti-Stewart Downing. In this scenario, JM would need to do this for the team and I think he’d understand it as a temporary placement.


    --------------------- Mignolet -----------------------

    Say what you will about his ability on the ball, Mignolet is an excellent shot stopper and Klopp already has stated that he likes him and thinks he is “very good”. We may see a different GK in the future, but again, right now, Mignolet is the man.

    OK! So let’s hear it guys. Am I off my rocker? Do you agree? Are you excited? Re-energized?

    As always, if you post, please add a couple sentences to tell why you hold your opinions otherwise I have nothing to work with.

    A very reinvigorated Neverman Y.N.W.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I can't wait for the match tomorrow - and that's a feeling I haven't had in a couple years.

    I feel like a kid the day before Christmas. Maybe because the match is on at 7:45 am here in the Eastern U.S.

    As long as they play well, with heart, the result isn't too important. It's a long season and the top four is a reasonable goal and realistic aspiration. I just want to see LFC go out on the pitch and run. I want the players to give everything they have so we can really see what we have on this team.

    You'll Never Walk Alone!

    P.S. Were's the Juergen Klopp icon?!
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    This post will be a short one by my standards. See, when things are going well, there really isn't that much to talk about. They don't need critique right now, just encouragement.

    I agree with the interviews on the website that say the Hotspur result was good given the circumstances. We ran and ran and ran. Good things happen in football when we run. Sure either team could have won the match, but it was a fair result. And when you compare Bill Shankley's first match was a 4-1 loss you can concentrate on the positives.

    A few mentions:

    I liked the formation Klopp used.

    Simon came up with a couple-3 wonderful saves. That is what he's best at and it's exciting when he's on his game.
    Milner ran his legs off.
    Origi is showing some promising signs.
    Can has shown he can run 90+ minutes and will cover every inch of the pitch.

    All in all, though it looked hectic and erratic, the players have obviously bought in to the game-plan. Now it will only get better the longer they have time to practice what they're learning.


    P.S. I think top 4 is possible and a good goal for this season, but I also understand that this is now a process and it will take time, so if we don't reach that I'll still feel just fine as long as we see progress. It's always about progress. We peaked with Rodgers but have a manager who has reached the pinnacle of the sport. So long-term there is hope as well as a good chance of achieving great things. I'm happy.

    Yeah! There's a Klopp icon now!
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