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Thread: Feedback Forum User Guide. A Message from LFC Digital Media Department

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    PLEASE NOTE: For general queries and technical issues with LFCTV GO, please use the Contact Us link (at the bottom of every page) to contact the club, where your query will be given a reference number and you'll receive a reply. Thank you for your patience at times when we are very busy.

    Forums User Guide. Notice from LFC Digital Media Dept. All Users Read This Before Posting.

    1. Liverpool FC provides these forums for fans to come together to discuss the club we all love. The club sets the tone and standards of the forums and the rules for using them. We are a family club and our website, including these forums, is viewed and used by people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. You’re required to respect this.

    2. Do express your opinions about the performance of players and club staff - it’s what you’re here for - but refer to them with basic respect. The same goes for other forum users. We all disagree and argue passionately about some things but we draw the line at name-calling, tirades of abuse, hassling, personal gossip, sexual comments, insults, put-downs, snide mockery or demeaning of any club staff or forum users, including moderators. The same goes for repetitive attention-seeking, personal point-scoring, trying to dominate others, arguments going around in circles and taking over threads. You are responsible for everything that appears in your posts and ‘freedom of speech’ on the forums extends as far as the club’s T&Cs.

    3. Please click the ‘Report’ button (!) in a post if something needs to be drawn to mods’ attention and they will decide if any action needs to be taken.

    4. When a moderator asks you to do (or stop doing) something, they are acting on the club’s behalf and you’re expected to comply. Moderators may give you infraction points if you don’t seem to be heeding them, and continuing such posting may lead to the removal of your right to post, temporarily or permanently.

    5. If you receive a red card in one of your posts, you have infringed the rules or not heeded a moderator’s request, and received infraction points. A yellow card in a post is just a warning, with no points. Check your infractions regularly – to view them, click on your name and the ‘Infractions’ button in your profile.

    6. If you’d like an explanation of an infraction, courteously request one in the ‘Infraction Queries’ thread in Forum Feedback, and await a reply from a moderator. After this, you’re expected to move on. Resist the need to go on a mission to prove your point, and return to your posting. There is no place on these forums for airing your personal grievances about individual moderators.

    7. Infraction Points

    You may receive 1, 3, 5 or more points, depending on how persistently you infringe the rules or how serious the infringement is. We expect you to get the message and make changes right away, or points will accumulate until you have reached an automatic ban from the forums, as follows:

    15 points 24 hrs
    20 points 3 days
    25 points 7 days (also for any recognisable use of the c-word in any of your posts)
    50 points 14 days

    8. Moderators do take into account your previous history when allocating the number of points. Very serious or prolonged infringements may lead to bans of a number of months, a final warning or a permanent ban. Extreme, abusive or grossly offensive content will lead to users being permanently banned automatically.

    The success of the forums depends upon you. Please play your part in making them an enjoyable place for all to visit.

    The full Forum Terms and Conditions are set out below.

    Thanks for your co-operation.

    LFC Digital Media Department

    Full LFC Website Posting Terms and Conditions

    1. Website posting terms (these apply to all posting anywhere on the LFC website):

    2. Forum Posting Rules:

    3. Further Explanation of the Forum Posting Rules as follows:

    Swearing: Not allowed. A word censor blocks out most obscene words. We don't approve, but won't usually punish users with fully asterisked words within their posts, unless they form part of an insult, ie you may not tell someone to '**** off'. However if the censor fails, you're responsible for your post. Don't try to bypass the censor by substituting characters, eg: '******* C*** etc. Any attempt at use of the C word will receive a 7 day ban.

    Trolling: If you're considered to be trolling the forums your access will be removed.

    Inappropriate content: Assume younger fans can view your posts. Passionate debate is fine, aggression or personal insults is not. Adult discussions need adult behaviour. Respecting others right to different points of view is key and don't make inappropriate comments about gender, race or cultural background. Please do not post content from The Sun newspaper. In the light of their spreading of offensive content about Hillsborough victims, their content is not welcome on these forums.

    Drugs/Illegal activities: In particular repeated references to drugs are not appropriate. There's no outright ban on discussion in the Off-Topic Forum, but it's not permitted to glorify or encourage conduct that bring harm or would constitute a criminal offence.

    Sexual comments: Don't make sexual references in discussions about other matters. If you continually post innuendo or smut in discussion threads you may be banned. Humour is important but not to the point that it impacts on others enjoyment of the community.

    Moderation and you: Moderators provide a valued service, by posting here users agree to treat them with respect. We may edit, delete or move posts. If moderators request a change in behaviour, you must take heed without complaint within the thread.

    If you disagree with a decision it is not permitted to abuse, insult or make snide assertions about the mods. Appeals can be made as below. Insulting comments will be considered separately to any prior incident and could bring further action.

    Penalties for breaking the rules: Penalties (infractions) are explained in the User Guide above.

    Grievance Procedure:

    1. Don't complain in the active thread. Reply once to acknowledge the moderator's post and to confirm your compliance. If you disagree, state within the same post your intent to appeal via a post in the designated thread in the Feedback forum. No further reference should be made to allow the discussion to continue.

    2. Appeals should contain a link to any relevant post and a brief explanation of the reasons for contesting the decision. Appeals containing insults about moderator concerned will be dismissed and could lead to further action.

    3. We don't host debates on decisions. Individual users should put their case forward and moderators will respond. Don't add your opinion to an issue concerning another user.

    4. Whilst we want to provide context where appropriate don't misuse the appeals procedure. If you misuse the appeals process and divert moderators time which could be better spent elsewhere your access to the appeals procedure could be withheld.

    Successful appeals may result in decisions being overturned and an apology or explanation offered.
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