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    I wrote this poem because I have nothing but respect for those families who lost loved ones at Hilsborough: throughout their grief, they refused to give up and finally got the truth. That's love, isn't it?

    Liverpool has the truth at last
    They can go forward, leave the past
    Not to forget the people who died
    But seek retribution from those who lied

    Liverpool has always been a special club
    Since it's beginning a close-knit hub
    It has taught the world a powerful lesson
    There is nothing stronger than love under heaven

    They have also clearly shown
    Why they'll never walk alone
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    Nice poem Campanula and well considered to visit the Hillsborough forum for a first post.
    Many write lines on Hillsborough, it would be nice to put them all on a single thread.
    I've wrote a few myself, here's the most recent, though a couple of years back.

    Duty of Care.

    There is a duty of Care
    that they chose to ignore
    some unaware
    others, didn't care.

    There is an attitude to blame
    for our Eternal Flame
    imposed their control
    96 lives they stole.

    Relief came in Red
    field appointments made
    assisted the slain
    then served with the blame.

    Ambulances denied
    then the injured - they died
    some Officiers tried
    while the chief ones lied.

    How brutal their scheme
    that cowardly little team
    uniform and press
    thought you had success.

    But you never heard our song
    for we all walk along
    till Justice is begotten
    for They'll never be forgotten.
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