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Thread: R.I.P. Gerry. H.J.C. Shop.

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    Such very sad news that Gerry from the H.J.C. Shop has passed away.

    Always there for everyone, helped so many family members and survivors.

    Always passed by to have a chat with him before the game.

    Rest in Peace Gerry, you will be sadly missed by many.

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    'He will never, ever be forgotten' - tributes paid to tireless Hillsborough campaigner Gerry McIver

    10:28, 29 Jul 2016
    Updated 10:28, 29 Jul 2016
    By Alan Weston

    Tireless HJC volunteer Gerry died at the age of 81, surrounded by his family

    Tributes have flooded in to Hillsborough Justice Campaign shop manager Gerry McIver after his death at the age of 81.

    As well as being a tireless volunteer for the HJC, Gerry offered unwavering support for the survivors of the Hillsborough tragedy and the families of the 96 victims.

    He had been ill for some time and died last night at home surrounded by his family, including wife Edna.

    Sheila Coleman, spokesperson for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, said: “I am personally heartbroken by the death of Gerry McIver, who has been my friend from the beginning of the HJC in 1998.

    “Undoubtedly, Gerry was the backbone of the HJC. The campaign could not have been sustained over such a long period of time without the daily efforts of Gerry opening up the campaign shop and giving his time to other people for no renumeration.

    “Gerry epitomised the original thinking of the HJC, that it’s important to look after one another and vital to look after your own.

    “Many Hillsborough survivors benefited from the personal and unique support Gerry gave them.

    “It’s no exaggeration to say he will be mourned across the globe and wherever people know about Hillsborough.”

    Sheila added: “Gerry was above all else a family man, and it is to his wife Edna, his children and grandchildren that we need now to pay back some of the love and support that Gerry gave so generously.

    “He never sought praise, or recognition for what he did. He was happiest in the background, but we recognised the tireless work he put in over the years in the fight for justice.

    “Hillsborough families and survivors, and the city of Liverpool, owe Gerry McIver a debt of gratitude. It is a poorer place today for his loss.”

    It was the actor Ricky Tomlinson who first invited his friend Gerry, who was already retired, to become involved with the HJC shop when it opened its first premises in Oakfield Road in 1998, before it moved to its current premises in Walton Breck Road.

    Following the news of Gerry’s death, tributes were also made on social media.

    Liverpool FC Supporters’ Committee posted on Facebook: “Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Gerry McIver, who has sadly passed away.

    “Gerry fought unwaveringly for justice for the 96 and the survivors. He was an inspiring presence at the HJC shop and was well-respected and much loved. Rest In Peace. You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

    Justice For Our 96 said on Twitter : “Through the dark yrs when no one wanted to know Gerry McIver was there for a chat. His family can be proud. RIP mate.”

    And SunMustGoDown said: “Tonight we mourn the passing of Gerry McIver, @HJC_Official hero and one of the great unsung Liverpudlians. He will never, ever be forgotten.”
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    Sad news indeed Nacnud. RIP Gerry, another tireless stalwart.
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    So terribly sad to hear this, a lovely man who was always there for a friendly chat.
    His unwavering support and hard work for the HJC was amazing. He will be greatly missed.

    R.I.P Gerry.
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    GrottonRed is online now LFC Forums Moderator
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    Such sad news about someone who gave so much of his time and effort to help others.

    RIP Gerry.
    Life President of TEPS...The Ellipsis Preservation Society.
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    Very sad to hear this news. It's been a while since I've been up to Anfield so I sort of lost touch but going into the shop and having a chinwag, buying t-shirts etc was a highlight and holds some very fond memories indeed.

    R.I.P. Gerry, much loved by all.
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    I first met Gerry in the shop back in 2005 when we we were about to play Middlesborough on that day. We were all offered some lovely cups of tea - now sadly missed - as we all got carried away with the match day atmosphere after paying our respects and grabbing (and donating to the HJC shop), 'Don't Buy The Sun!, stickers as well as wristbands to stick on every willing fan that we met!

    Gerry had so much to say to anyone willing to listen, I rue to this day that I did not take up his offer of a neighbourly cup of tea to hear in his own words, his strong and supportive words, on that day at that time.

    My sincere condolences to his family and many friends.

    Rest In Peace, Gerry.

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