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Thread: Xabi Alonso set to retire at the end of the season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theamerican00 View Post
    Yes well that's where don't agree, we briefly hit a point where we were competing with those clubs which for me gave us a chance to sign the better young players. Willian for instance would have had a much better chance of being bagged if he was being signed into a team of European Champions. Players like Torres and Masch came here because they thought they could win European Cup medals here. They were brilliant young players who wanted to win at the highest level and at Liverpool they had the chance to do that.

    That's the bind we are in. Its not easy to get out of it.
    We haven't at any point in the last 10 or so years been able to complete with Utd or Chelsea for signings. It didn't happen. I doubt we have ever been able to compete with Madrid or Barca for players, and definitely not in the last 20 years. One of the reasons we could sign these players is because these clubs were not interested in them until we made them superstars.

    We wouldn't have been able to compete with Chelsea for William even if we'd won the champions league the season before. They can outbid us for both wages and transfer fee.
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    If only we can convince him to play for 1 more year and come and spearhead our side for next season.
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    His last game tomorrow.

    All the best, Xabi.
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    Will miss him for sure
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