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Thread: FSG - Excellent, Poor or Indifferent? Play it again Sam..

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    Quote Originally Posted by redfoot View Post
    Ok Dave if that is true really true, then it's wrong to say that there is nothing we can do to change the situation. Rather it should be what we are able to do, because there is no situation where nothing can be done to change it.
    I'm saying with the reality of the situation we cant change it, but of course you are right as an individual you can change things but it would cost a lot of time and money, for example you could buy the club, or you could gather enough individuals to come together and buy the club, but is that really realistic and thats even if the owners wanted to sell.
    Certainly writing thousands of posts whining and complaining is not really supporting your club, I mean who loves the club more and does more for the club, the guy who actually invests hundreds of millions of pounds or the guy complaining that person should spend more, even more crazy is that the guy complaining probably has spent **** all and thinks its somehow his right not only to complain but demand more, what gives them or makes them think they have that right.

    Point being it go's back to what you will accept and what you wont accept whats acceptable etc and its all nonsense, its nonsense because its pretty much what it is and you cant do nothing about it, you have fans being sneered at because they will accept 4th as though cos they somehow will only accept first they are somehow better, and chances are most of those fans the only thing they will ever do is moan and complain.

    For me success is that I was first and foremost lucky to fall in love with Liverpool and it be a huge part of my life, success is watching my team stroll out there and play football, success is the joy I get from watching the team win or a young Liverpool lad coming through, do I kick the dog when we lose or get a bit upset of course I do, what I dont do is demand of others something I cant do myself, one day maybe if I can buy the club I will, until then I will respect those that have, wish them well and hope they keep LFC in a position to give me more joy.
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    Thread thread open.
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