Hi LFC fans

Obviously like any football supporter I will never forget what happened at Hillsborough and feel for all the victims.

Like many I am disgusted at the treatment of Liverpool football fans by certain areas of the press and was horrified by the continued lack of remorse from both the The Sun and the Times after the conclusions of the Hillsborough enquiry finally vindicated Liverpool fans (still too little, too late). The clubs decision to ban the Sun from the ground was fantastic and I hope Everton will follow suit. I wish all football clubs (including mine) had the courage to do the same and stand shoulder to shoulder with LFC.

I have been quite disturbed by recent attempts by Rupert Murdoch to take over Sky. Such a heartless callous man should not have that kind of power, his newspapers (the Sun and the Times) are a reflection of the man. This is why I have worked up the courage to post here.

There is a petition to gaining ground to stop his most recent takeover attempt of Sky. I want all football fans to block the takeover to prevent this sick organisation from getting more power over our beloved sport. I will be posting this on many clubs forums in solidarity with Liverpool fans.

Please find the petition here...