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Thread: best music era

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    Quote Originally Posted by AboveUsOnlySky View Post
    You're an 80's person - damn straight they were the best.

    Along with the leg warmers, crazy perms and Walkmans
    The 80's were probably my favourite music Era but it had nothing to do with all the New Romantic and SAW output in the slightest!

    I started the 80's being into NWOBHM and Punk, then got into the Thrash Metal scene as it was breaking, started buying records with pocket & paper round money, was buying Metallica's 'Ride The Lightning', Slayer's 'Show No Mercy', Anthrax 'Spreading the Disease' as they came out, was into all the Teutonic Thrash bands, with a smattering of Venom and Bathory chucked in for good measure. First gig was Iron Maiden at Hammersmith Odeon in Oct 86, then was seeing bands in London pretty much every week up to 1990/91 when Grunge effectively started killing off Metal!

    And quite a few of those bands that emerged in MY 80's, are still going, which is great!
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    I have been thinking about this and although the 80s was not my favourite era, there was a lot of stuff I really liked from back then, Ska, Reggae and the early rap and Electronic music too.

    Just recently I have been having debates about Vinyl, a lot of my mates are DJs or love their decks, whereas I have never really liked it, I was glad to see it phased out somewhat, it as always too bulky and too easily damaged for my liking.
    The only good thing I liked about it was the art that was sometimes on the sleeves, but even still that was not enough to make me a fan, this new age of digital music is right up my alley, I like being able to fit so much music on such a small device.
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    As some have mentioned- there have been contributions throughout the years and there is always a few memorable ones even in the lean years such as the 80's and currently.

    A few artists/groups always breaks the trend and creates something sensational that makes it into the classics from that era. Til this day I still have vinyls as well as CD's and memory sticks or external HD's and l love almost every type of genre and listen to most and genuinely believe taht a day without music is like a day without laughter....not worth it!

    If music be the food of the soul....then please play on!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Acumen View Post
    Anything beats this era.
    agree its CRAP .i loved simple minds u2 the clash, who .whitesnake ,def leopard,abba lol
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