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Thread: Does anyone think Origi could use a loan?

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    Origi needs to improve his technical skills, that's all. I don't know if he can do it, but that's what he misses most to be top player.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Megali-Idea View Post
    Sad to see the difference in pace and agility then and now.
    Night and day isn't it.

    Determination too seems to have gone down the toilet as he;s scared to put himself about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AboveUsOnlySky View Post
    Agree DOK, Origi has actually performed well when called upon. He can at times appear sluggish and devoid of composure but yes, he is still learning.

    In saying this, if Jurgen was to loan him out or even sell, I wouldn't be all that fussed.

    On Sturridge, he comes on for a cameo and the love affair is immediately back on. Until next time he misses a game and the vitriol commences again.

    It would be a mistake both ways, at 21 he has already proved he can contribute and strikers are hard to come by these days. Origi is worth more than players like Jansen etc and look at how much he cost Spurs. Origi is far to undervalued by our fans. After all of the love ins for Rashford and Martial going into this season i know that Origi has had the hetter season and it isn't even close. The kid is and excellent young talent who is crucial for our squad movijg forward imo.

    Sturridge's impact was massively overrated on the w/e once again he barely did a thing yet fans fawn over him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by midiman_user View Post
    Your opinion about Origi is rubbish.

    Firmino should be behind Origi from now on.

    Firmino has been costing us games, and Origi has been winning the for us.

    Origi is showing what he can do again.

    Klopp made an awful decision to drop him.
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