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Thread: iOS - forum experience

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    *Scroll down any main forum, clink into a thread (say halfway down the page or further). Wait for page to load.
    *Click back button on Safari to go back to previous page

    I'm finding that it jumps/scrolls you back to the top of the main forum, rather than putting you back where you'd scrolled down to. Other websites don't seem to be behaving in this way, so I suspect it's just the forums.

    Not the end of the world, but pretty annoying when you're having to keep scrolling down to find where you'd got to.

    Anyone else experiencing similar? This is on iPad by the way.
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    Hi. If you're still having the problem you'll need to contact the Tech dept as we're not in contact with them from here. On the main web page go to the Help button and there are FAQS and a box where you explain the issue. Sorry we can't help more.
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