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Thread: Rival Watch 2017/18

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordJamieOfCarragher View Post
    We could do with a new thread on this if someone wants to do the honours.
    I shall
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyZidane View Post
    And continuing the insane managerial-merry-go-round of the PL we now have De Boer and Bilic linked with the Swansea job.
    You remember De Boer and Bilic, they were sacked from other PL clubs earlier in the season and whose jobs were taken by other managers who had themselves been sacked by other clubs even earlier in the season.
    At the end of this season all the managers who were there at the start of the season will still be PL managers except they'll be at the clubs that the others started from.
    It's enough to make you gozzy.
    The problem they seem to be facing is that the managers who are doing alright, who haven't been sacked - if one of these clubs come sniffing around they're just being told to get lost. For which I have to say, good on them. Well done to the likes of Burnley and Watford.

    And because the clubs who are sacking managers are also usually, almost by definition, struggling - there doesn't seem to be a lot they can do about it.

    So they choose from the managers who are available - despite the very obvious reasons for their availability.

    At best these managers are specialists in avoiding relegation - but even if that's achieved they're just as likely to find themselves in the same hole 12 months later.

    And round and round it goes.

    Sacking managers mid-season may well bring short term results but it runs a serious risk of becoming a recurring theme.

    Thank goodness we were able to get Klopp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thebeastyboy View Post
    I shall

    New thread open
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