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Thread: Diving next season

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    So is going over easy on the whisper of contact, a dive?

    Panel discuss!
    Ref = Yes
    Player = No
    Manager = depends who he plays for
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    Personally I'd be happier if a proven dive to win a penalty or get an opposition player sent off (1st or 2nd card) resulted in points deduction to the team and a suspension to the player.

    Proven constant diving at any other point in the game should result in a suspension.

    Some teams (like Man City) have players that literally drop to the floor whenever they lose possession... overtime

    And some refs buy it.

    But any change that penalises diving is a step in the right direction so I'm happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LovelyCushionedHeader View Post

    My personal opinion is that they're going to have a tough job, unless they're only there to punish "inarguable" dives.
    I think you can only punish the inarguable, zero contact ones.

    The new 'throwing a leg out' trend makes it too much of a grey area to definitively ban players when there's contact.

    It could get messy but this is good news if it's done right.
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