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    I've got a novel idea.

    Why don't we have an armistice on the forums which would allow previously permanently banned posters a second chance of LFC forum life? A 48 hour window in which they can join again as a gesture of new season good will.

    This place needs livening up sometimes and posters like Kriz , for example, are needed around here. You can always boot them out if they get out of hand again.....

    What do you say, Jannno?
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    Jannno is online now LFC Forums Moderator
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    Thanks for the suggestion but, no we won't be doing that.
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    Oh....I thought you had an idea for a novel
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    Would be like letting all the murderers and other crims out of prison in case they aren't murderers etc any more.

    They got banned for a reason (banned members on here, not prisoners ) and a perma ban usually takes a bell end of a level above and beyond some that should be banned but aren't.............. You want THEM back........?!?!? I'm guessing it is a sweeping request based on one or two people you miss.
    People will believe what they want to believe
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