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Thread: Mood for the new season

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    Going into the first game against Watford, I can't help but feel the same way about this new season than before some of our worst recent seasons.

    I remember in 09-10, the mood was similarlay glum after coming so close to winning the league the season before, we needed a boost from the transfer market. However, we lost both Alonso and Hyypia who were huge figures at the time and bought Aquilani, a signature that failed to reassure fans and Glen Johnson who was playing good football for Porthsmouth but was playing at a position that wasn't critical.

    The disappointment of the previous season combined with the lack of proper reinforcement gave the club and the fans a collective bad feeling about what was to come and for sure that season would become one of the most disappointing of the past few years.

    The following year, Rafa Benitez left amongst turmoil with the club's ownership. Roy Hogdson, a very controversial choice, was selected to replace him. Again, the signings that summer failed to please fans with Joe Cole being the most high-profile signing, acquired on a free transfer. Predictably, the team never got over that depressing feeling that loomed over the club and our first half of the season was one of the worst in LFC modern history.

    The mood turned around later when Dalglish was hired and Carroll and Suarez were signed to cope with Torres' departure.

    Fast forward to 14-15, after a few seasons where there was more optimism going into seasons for various reasons (appointment of BR, improvement of team performance the previous season, decent signings) this time around there was reason to worry again. Suarez, our best player by a margin was sold to Barcelona. Having had one of the best seasons in the club's PL history, fans were excited at the prospect of FSG finally utilizing that war chest they promised to buy quality players that would jump at the chance to play CL football for a promising young manager. Instead, we bought extremely poorly that summer and fans were in disbelief that the club failed to attract better quality to bolster the squad.

    Again, the mood around the club seemed to be really low and you could just tell the season would be a failure. Sure enough, results were poor and we finished the calendar year in 8th position. After a slightly better 2nd half of the season, BR convinced the board to keep him on the following season, which did not please a lot of fans and for the second year in a row, spirits were low going into the new season. Eventually, Klopp was appointed and was still enjoying his honeymoon period until now.

    The point of this whole post is to show how the club's dealings and off-pitch action affect the mood of not only fans, but players as well. Even if they are professionals, they want what's best for the team and when the club fails to address problems, it can be felt throughout. I for one really don't think we're in for a good season and I consider myself in the optimistic spectrum of the fan base. I can only imagine how players must feel going into the first game with a weak squad like this, our best player on his way out again. Can we recover in time before it's too late?
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    The mood was sombre before the Coutinho thing, the worse thing is to see how hopeless we are in the transfer market.
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    It's just inexcusable how a club of this magnitude can be so inept from senior management right through to the players.

    Club feels like it's run by imbeciles.

    Season of pain coming up again.
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    Off to Montreal for the weekend, hoping for a good result against Hoffenheim on Tuesday, the rest of you can argue over the details.
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