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Thread: 2018/19 kits

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    Quote Originally Posted by AboveUsOnlySky View Post
    Hey grenny, hope all is well in SA.

    Keep the faith brother, even if it’s taken a knock or two. Let’s stuff United for starters

    Upwards and Onwards dear sir
    I'm with you there!!

    My faith has taken a knock in the main because I cannot fathom Klopp's decision making at times .. despite that, we still are a very good side who can take any team apart on our day. The key is consistency though and to 'have our day' more often then not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MiraclesArePossible View Post
    The change strips sound vile already.
    I don't know why they can't just make classy looking strips.

    It's like they do well with the home kit and then say to an unpaid intern "Okay, you get creative with the away/third kit. Think outside of the box".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Defo-skitso View Post
    How would you describe viper red? Same as now or last season?

    Like the sound of the away kit
    Maybe its the red the Dodge Viper car has?
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    Bondred do you think your source might suspect you are the leak and may be feeding you some dodgy info to throw you off the scent and destroy your rep.

    Ps. I'm curious to know did you know about the special 125th anniversary kit and if so did you grab one for yourself?

    Pps. Could you get me a pair of size 10 red 125th anniversary new balance trainers? Lol
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