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Thread: Best Free Advert Blocker

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    Youtube is taking the **** with 20 adverts in a 60min clip!!

    Pure greed.

    So what would you recommend for blocking adverts on YouTube & Chrome etc?

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    You can't block adds on the youtube app.
    You can block chrome, firefox etc and watch youtube on them
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    ebay take the biscuit, ads on their site can freeze your computer in nanoseconds. I noticed some time ago my internet provider now puts ads on too, as if I don't pay for their service dirty fakirs..........

    I've pointed out to ebay several times that CUSTOMERS can hardly shop or see the bleeding ads if their computers won't respond. Sadly we have moved into the digital age of advert excess and instead of a picture they have to have a video clip, not that most people pay any more attention to them it just means they slow your computer down.....

    Sporcle is another site where I wait until the ad starts playing and then click on the close ad cross/bit.

    PS, I am curious PS why you are so troubled by youtube, what are you doing on it to encounter such troubles.......? Listening to music? If so, there are other ways. A fair few of my colleagues listen to youtube, think our employer should clamp down on it as it surely doesn't help with so many using it and then complaining e-mail keeps freezing......... Really no need, and they shouldn't really be listening to youtube anyway, especially as they spend far too much time in administration of it ie picking what to listen to etc.
    People will believe what they want to believe
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    For Chrome get Adblock Plus, I don't remember the last time I saw an ad on Youtube.
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