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Thread: van dijk or coutinho

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    Quote Originally Posted by klopp in View Post
    Phil is another nugget who said he wouldn't play for the club again, The leaving statement he made was hogwash.
    i know that, the fact the club refused to put it on the website speaks volumes

    Klopp pretty much confirmed today that Coutinho refused to play second half of the season and it forced the sale

    Some fans only a few days before the transfer happened, said Coutinho should be made club captain - that absolutely blew my mind

    Everyone wants Hendo replaced as captain - an honest pro who does his best - but wanted him replaced with Coutinho (a dirty rat who bent the club over many times) - staggering
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    Quote Originally Posted by KOPGIRL1971 View Post
    That's a bit like asking which one of your kids you love best!
    There's always a true answer to that...
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