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    Due to the official obfuscation and lies immediately after Hillsborough there are still, twenty years on, a whole host of myths which surround the disaster. Myths that cause offence to survivors and the bereaved. Myths that hamper the pursuit of justice for the 96 who never returned.

    As some of you may be aware Nicola McMillan and Jim Sharman have been working tirelessly over the last two years to dispel these myths and expose the truth. You may already have seen on this forum news concerning the release of a digital press pack "The Hillsborough Football Disaster: Context and Consequences". Download it now from:

    Have a look at the document. It distills simply and clearly the findings of many of the reports and inquiries into the worst disaster in British sporting history. It presents the truth about what happened on that day and it asks the questions that we all want to see answered.

    Now having this available for download is great, download a copy, educate your friends and colleagues. However this deserves to have a far greater impact and we'd like to get 3000 professionally printed hard copies produced which we can send to opinion formers and those involved in the game (MPs, journalists, players, fans groups, club chairmen etc). We would also like to get copies into as many UK libraries as possible so that this work will inform research into what really happened for years to come.

    Now to do this we are going to need money. Lots of money. Which is obviously where you, fellow LFC supporters come in. Thankfully a local company, CDP Print Management have kindly agreed to subsidise the printing and as a result the amounts needed are eminently raisable. We need to raise 1000, which will be broken down as follows:

    Printing 3000 copies: 650
    Purchase ISBN numbers: 160
    Mailing Costs: 190

    If we manage to raise more then we will either print more copies (depending on take up) or we will donate the balance to the three Hillsborough campaign groups.

    So this is your chance to make a small donation that really might make a difference to the perception of the disaster nationally, both in the next month and in years to come.

    You can contribute via PayPal using the Send Money to a Friend option. The address of the fundraising account is:

    Make a difference. Send a small contribution towards the printing costs and post up a message of support on this thread.
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    God Bless The 96

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    bump bump bump....

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